If Only

Susan Childs paused before putting her hissing steam iron back on its cradle and pressing the remote control of her Bose radio. The room was plunged into silence for the first time in two hours.

She loved listening to the popular radio station Classic Gold. As a child of the sixties, she loved nothing more than prancing around her utility room to the sounds of the Bee Gees and such like.

‘Is that you, Adam?’ she called out.

Susan repeated her call, this time more forcefully.

‘Err, yes, mother,’ came the hesitant reply.

‘Did you have a nice time at Grandma’s?’ Susan enquired through the open door, still not seeing her ten year-old son. Without waiting for a reply, she added, ‘Put your dirty soccer kit in the wash bin, take your bag upstairs and hang up your clothes. I don’t want to have to pick them all up as usual.’

Again, no response other than the noisy steps of a young elephant galloping up the stairs, most likely two at a time.

Ten minutes passed before her son appeared at the kitchen door.

‘Mum, what’s for dinner?’

Susan looked at him and shook her head ‘I hope you tidied yourself up when you were at Grandma’s!’

Adam gave her his normal pained look. ‘Of course, Mum.’

Susan knew full well that her son’s idea of tidying himself up would have been a vain attempt at patting down his mop of unruly red hair. She repeated her earlier question: ‘How was Grandma?’

‘Oh fine, but she was a little upset when I first went into the house.’

His mother looked concerned. ‘What do you mean: upset? Do you mean she was actually crying?’

Adam hastened to play down his earlier comments. ‘Well, not actually crying but she was dabbing her eyes with a tissue. When I asked her if she was alright, she just said she had been peeling onions, but I never actually saw any onions.’

Susan decided not to pursue the matter any further. She would take it up with her mother-in-law when she next spoke to her.

She busied herself preparing the evening meal. It was Adam’s favourite, egg and chips with a large slice of crusty bread and butter.

Adam was through his second mouthful when he suddenly asked a question, a question that Susan was always reluctant to answer. ‘Mum, what actually happened to Grandad Childs?’

His mother paused, as if she needed to collect her thoughts for a moment, and then gave him her usual measured response. ‘Oh, he went away when you were young. I guess he needed to find his own space.’

As soon as the words left her mouth, Susan just knew that she had said the wrong thing.

Adam looked puzzled. ‘What do you mean: his own space? He had plenty of his own at Grandma’s – their house is much bigger than ours.’

Susan decided not to dig herself into a larger hole and quickly changed the subject. ‘how did you do at football – did you win?’

Adam knew by the tone of her voice that he would not get any more information from his mother – it was her ‘don’t bother me now’ voice.  ‘Oh, we won 5 to 1 but it was only a friendly.’

His mother was silently grateful that he had appeared to accept her change of direction but she knew in her heart that the question would come up again. Indeed it was one that she had asked herself time and time again, and the answer eluded her every time.

It was now eight years since Edward, her father-in-law, had disappeared. .

Adam had been just two years of age so he would not have known much about the drama that had taken place on the slopes of the nearby mountains. Simon and his dad had been off on one of their annual hunting trips and, while it was usual for them to be away for two or three days at a time, when the fourth day came and went, Susan and her mother-in-law Grace were so concerned they called the authorities. Simon was eventually found wandering around in a dazed state calling out his father’s name.

In the ensuing three weeks, police and volunteers combed the mountains but they gave up eventually and all agreed to call off the search. After a few days in hospital, Simon was allowed home only to be readmitted two weeks later after he kept wandering off without any warning – still calling out for his father.

Simon had now been in and out of the clinic for the last eight years. It was Susan’s turn to have tears in her eyes as she recalled that her husband wasa husband in name only; she could not even remember when the two of them had last made love or he had even tried to kiss her. She was pleased that Adam had wandered off into his room to play one of his games on his computer.

Susan and her husband were doctors, just like Simon’s father. While her husband was on sick leave, Susan had to work extra hours at the local hospital just to pay their way. It had not been at all easy, but she was now the main breadwinner and could only hope that Simon would someday recover and return to being her loving husband.

There had been some good news lately, the doctors at the clinic had indicated that her husband was showing signs of improvement and they hoped that he might be ableto come home shortly. Susan was scheduled to go and collect him next Wednesday if the doctors gave the final okay. She could only keep her fingers crossedand trust that the doctors knew what they were doing. It had happened before, these declarations of ‘getting better’ and while everyone genuinely hoped that it was true, after being alright for several days, Simon would slip into an almost robotic state of deep depression and silence. As a doctor, Susan knew only too well that mental problems are not easily overcome and it would take time before things changed – if at all.

 + + + + + + + +

Grace Childs always loved to have Adam, her only grandchild, with her for the day. It took her mind off wondering on a daily basis where her darling Ed had gone. Grace’s heart saddened as she remembered the happy man she had shared the last forty years with, the joy of the birth of their only son Simon and his marriage to Susan whom she loved dearly.  As for her grandson, Adam, he was a sheer delight.

When her husband had retired shortly before going on the last fateful hunting trip, he had promised faithfully that they would go on a world cruise in the near future. Grace shook her head at the fleeting thought that Edward her devoted husband would do some travelling on his own? No, he was not the type. Good God, he would not last ten minutes without her doing his washing and generally waiting on him.

The only thing that her husband had shown any interest in over the last six years had been politics and he had grown into a bit of a bore when watching the television, even shouting at the politicians as they appeared to (according to him) lie every time they opened their mouths. No, wherever her husband was, he would still be shouting at the television; that is of course if he was still alive to do so.

Tears appeared in Grace’s eyes, but this time she let them stream down her cheeks unabated.


Susan pulled into the huge driveway of the Shire Clinic which was unfortunately known locally as the ‘House of Loons’.  She parked the car and walked swiftly to the reception. She was hoping for some good news.  Susan liked to face any problems face on – ‘what will be, will be’ was one of her mottos.

Her husband Simon was waiting in his room. His specialist had informed him that he would be allowed home. Simon had mixed feelings: he felt secure in the clinic but he also missed his wife and son. He grinned to himself as he remembered that on his last visit his son had nagged him to take him hunting, but he had told him that he was far too young. A frown appeared on Simon’s face as he tried valiantly to remember if that was the last home visit or not. Good God, how could he go home if he could not remember such a small but important thing as a conversation with his son?

Simon was brought back to earth as his wife walked into the room. He drew a deep breath. He had momentarily forgotten what a stunning creature his wife was. Her hair shimmered in the morning sun shining through the partly drawn curtains. Her figure was like that of a twenty-two year-old, not ten years older. Her close-fitting dress suddenly made Simon physically aware of what he had been missing or, in his case, ignoring. Suddenly, unable to control himself, he leapt from his chair and grasped his surprised wife in his arms, planting a passionate kiss straight on her red lips.

Susan gasped at this sudden and unexpected sign of affection from her husband.She felt herself blushing and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. It was a long time since the couple had exchanged such a warm greeting, with Simon seemingly showing little interest in his wife. For a moment Susan relaxed in her husband’s arms, as if to savour every precious moment of the embrace.

This surely was a good start to Simon’s homecoming, but how long would it all last? They had been down this road before.


As Simon and his wife entered their house, they were hit by a somewhat small but firm tornado, jumping straight into his father’s arms. ‘Dad, you’re back – again?’

Simon laughed at this warm but somewhat cynical greeting.

That evening at the Childs’ house was one that none present had experienced for a long time. Simon appeared to have regained all his warmth and affection towards both his wife and son. He told jokes about some of the antics of his fellow patients, which were many considering the time he had spent with them. He even managed to recall several things that he had done himself, much to the amusement of Susan and Adam. It had to be a good sign when he was recalling some of his own antics.

Susan started to relax. They had both put their happy son to bed and it was not long before she led her now apparently contented husband to their own bedroom.

The last four years faded into the past very quickly as Susan found that apparently her husband had regained his wish to make love. It was in the early hours before both of them dropped into a deep sleep. This had to be a good sign for the future.

The next morning, Susan was roused from her sleep with pecks on the cheeks from two sides, First  her husband who demanded she wake up as he pushed a heaped breakfast tray under her nose and from the other side, by her grinning eight year-old son. Whatever had taken place last night had certainly changed the atmosphere in the Childs’ home and, as far as young Adam was concerned, he wanted it to stay that way.

Susan waited three days before she raised the question. Their son had asked again what had happened to Grandad Childs all those years ago. Susan waited patiently for her husband’s reply. Surprisingly it was very positive, very positive indeed.

‘Yes, I guess he deserves to know.’

Susan again waited, her lovely face showing the first signs of concern since some normality had returned to their home.

Simon spoke slowly but deliberately. ‘When I was inside…’ He stopped suddenly as if to accept that he actually had been locked up inside the clinic. ‘…the doctors tried many times to get me to talk about what had happened on the mountain, but the more they tried the more upset I became.’

Susan was about to ask her husband why this was when Simon interjected. ‘The fact is, darling, I just didn’t know! My mind was and is a blank. I cannot for the life of me even remember the last thing we did together; where Dad went and why I ended up wandering around for two days on the mountain without food and water, calling out his name. I understand that was what happened.’

Susan nodded; she did not want to interrupt her husband’s long-awaited recollection of events on the mountain that fateful day.

‘They did come up with a serious solution which I did not agree to,’ Simon continued, ‘but now I’m happy to try.’

Susan leaned forward. ‘What was that, Simon?’

‘They suggested that I undergo hypnosis to try to recall what actually happened’.

Susan held her breath as she waitedto see what her husband would say next.

‘I think for the sake of all our family, including Mother, that I should do just that!’

+ + + + + + + +

 Prime Minister Richard Carson was working late. He wanted desperately to finish the draft of his speech which he was due to deliver the following day at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton.

The last two years had not been good for the Conservative leader who had been forced into a Coalition Government with the Liberal Democrats by not getting the required working majority. Wanting desperately to be the next British Prime Minister he had managed to come to a working agreement with the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jason Hewitt.

Unfortunately for Carson, there were now many of his own party who openly critical of the fact that he had given away too much to the smaller party. His own personal rating had gone way down and that of Jason, his Deputy’s was even worse. The different sociology of the two parties had often resulted in many U-turns which did nothing to qualm the uneasiness of the members of his own party, not to mention the millions of British voters who just wanted to be able to resume the lives that had been disrupted drastically by the fall of the of the country’s major banks..

Things were on a collision course but both he and his Chancellor Keith Browning felt that they had to stay on their present course, or risk an even more unpleasant scenario; the markets going against the British pound.

As he pondered over the final touches to his speech, Carson suddenly felt that he was being watched. He looked around but could see nothing. He returned his attention to his speech.

He heard a polite cough. Again he glanced up but this time he noticed a dark figure standing on the right-hand side of his office.

‘What the hell or you doing in my office? How did you get in here?’ He reached for the panic button which was located just beneath the desktop. The figure moved forward several feet enabling Richard Carson to see the intruder’s face. He looked quite ordinary, in fact he reminded the Prime Minister of his own father.

He had white hair which was cut short and he appeared well dressed.

The man started speaking again. ‘Actually Prime Minister, pressing the button under your desk would not have done you any good because I have disarmed it.’

Richard Carson was now getting a little anxious. What was the man was talking about and how had he managed to disarm the panic button?

He pressed the button hard and waited. Nothing happened; no Personal Detective; no Police running in – nothing.

The Prime Minster sat there, lost for words. He felt helpless but, for some reason, extremely calm. He could have been talking to any one of the foreign ministers he had met on his world tours. The only problem was that then he was the man doing the talking and talking was one of his best virtues. He could talk his way out of just about any difficult situation but this was different, he had not asked to talk with this man. Who was he and what the hell did he want?

Carson went to get out of his seat but to his horror felt that he could not raise himself from it.

The stranger smiled. ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you that I would like you to remain seated while we have our little chat. I will try to make this as painless as possible for you, Richard. May I introduce myself as Radiant which is not my earth name, but it will have to do for the time being. I should also mention that what you are seeing is a hologram which is similar to something you might have seen on that television programme Star Trek.’

Richard studied the individual closely. He did have ta funny glow about him – a bit like a ghost but more defined.

At that moment there was a knock on the door and the Prime Minister eagerly answered, ‘Come in.’ At last, someone else would see this man and hopefully summon help.

Jonathan Fields, his Personal Secretary, entered with some papers in his hand and passed them to him beforestanding back expectantly. ‘These just require your signature, sir, and then I’ll leave you in peace to finish your speech.’

The Prime Minister wanted to shout, ‘Please don’t go’ as he looked past the surprised Private Secretary. He nodded, as if to draw his attention to the stranger standing behind him.  Jonathan turned around and then turned back, looking blankly at the PM.

Had the Prime Minister developed a crick in his neck?

Richard Carson saw that, as his private secretary turned around, the man just seemed to disappear. This has got to be a dream and a bad one at that!

Fields collected up the duly signed papers and made his exit. Richard Carson was frustrated. He still could not understand what was happening?  What had started out as a normal day was turning into a nightmare, of that there was no doubt.

 + + + + + + + +

 Radiant was speaking.  ‘Prime Minister, my friends and I would like you to do certain things for us!’

Richard Carson shouted angrily, ‘Who the hell are you, and just who exactly are your friends?’

A smile appeared on the stranger’s face. ‘Well, Richard, you could say I have friends in high places,’ and with that, Radiant giggled as if he was enjoying a private joke.

The Prime Minister blinked, closed his eyes and blinked again. Radiant, or whatever his name was, was very much there.

‘The first thing my friends and I want you to do is to stop the flood of immigrants  into the country  they take jobs and use the National Health Service, so much that your own people cannot  be treated as they should be.’

The Prime Minister started explaining that, in real terms…

He was cut short. ‘Enough of that bullshit Richard. You’ve had several years to put things right. Now the time has come for you to do as you are told…the right thing.

‘Oh by the way Richard, you can stand now if you wish. I wouldn’t want you to get cramp or worse than that, deep vein thrombosis!’

The Prime Minister found the weight or rather the restriction lifted from his body and he walked forward towards the man who was now smiling as if to say I am your friend.

Carson reacted angrily and losing his patience shouted, ‘Just get out. I will not be doing anything of the kind and you can just go to hell. I’m the British Prime Minister and you can be sure that you’ll be hunted down by Special Branch, if necessary.’

Radiant looked straight at him and calmly remarked, ‘You, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, should deliver the message at the Conference tomorrow as you are now being told. If you don’t, you will look very foolish.’

With that the figure disappeared and the Prime Minister was left staring into space. He stood there dumbfounded. He was like that when his private secretary came in jolting him back to reality. He could not understand what had happened and felt very foolish. It was of course a bad dream, wasn’t it? He found himself dismissing entirely what had just taken place.

The next day, the Prime Minister was standing in front of the Party faithful, speech in hand. The whole hall was hushed, anxious to hear what the PM planned to do. He opened his mouth to start the speech but the words came out in an incoherent stutter. Richard Carson could not believe what was happening.  His audience looked on in amazement. This normally eloquent speaker was floundering. The more he attempted to speak the worse it became…the more frustrated he became, the worse it got, if that was at all possible. Then something amazing happened, in his speech the PM was due to touch on the problem of immigration, a small section to be precise, but he then found himself speaking in his usual precise way and informing everyone, including the whole press corps that, with immediate effect, no one without a UK passport would be let into the United Kingdom. All persons who arrived showing a Visitor’s Visa would referred to a new arrivals centre which would be manned 24/7 by numerous Border Staff who would check out the validity of the visas. People who were judged to be bona fide visitors would receive a pass for ninety days only and this would be closely monitored so that when the time was up they would be asked to leave immediately.

Anyone wanting to claim asylum would be asked if they had travelled via one of the EU countries; if so they would simply be returned on the next flight back to that country.  In accordance with current EC regulations (but not enforced by this or previous UK governments). There would be no right of appeal.

Anyone found to have a false Passport or Visa would be sent directly to jail while they waited to be sent back to the last country they visited.

Persons that intend visiting the United Kingdom in future would have to notify the British authorities to obtain permission to travel to the UK. Again, there would be no appeals procedure for anyone refused admission. Every suspected terrorist now in Britain awaiting court appeals would, without delay, be returned to their Country of origin. Anyone who had destroyed their documents would be given a notice of refusal and sent back to the last country from which they boarded the plane.

The Prime Minister went on to close more loopholes that had, in the past, enabled many illegal would-be immigrants to stay in the country.

He then went on to cover the illegal entry to the Country via lorries  advising that any company allowing people to stow  away would be fined tens of thousands of pounds and lose their freight. Ignorance of them being there would not be accepted – the drivers would have to check and recheck that their trucks were free of Stowaways.

In addition to this, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) would be pumped automatically into vehicles before they get onto British soil.

This would also be done in neighbouring countries such as France and Holland. The Prime Minister went on to explain that the numbers coming in would automatically be reduced but he never went on to explain why he thought this would happen.

The audience had sat in silence but, as the Prime Minister finished his speech, they stood up and cheered for at least ten minutes. The applause was deafening.

The Prime Minister was startled; he could not remember writing even half of what he had just announced. However he could not help but be pleased at how well it had all been received.

 + + + + + + + ++ +

 The next day the Prime Minister was in his office early, even before the cleaners had given it their final check.  He sat there and tried to make sense of what had taken place two days ago, the meeting with the strange ‘person’, if that was what he was, and his own incredible speech which had shocked everyone but had gone down so well – he could not take it all in. He knew that what he had announced the previous day would be hard to implement, and would cause many problems at the major Airports and Ports. However, he had announced it and knew he had been powerless to stop himself. His government had done enough U-turns over the past six months and he realised he could not afford any more.

He was due to take Prime Minister’s Questions the next day and he knew he would be in for some serious questions from the Opposition, not to mention many of the Liberal Democrats.

As he sat there he again became aware of the presence of Radiant. It seemed that the nightmare was set to continue.

Radiant smiled. ‘You did very well yesterday, Richard. Do you mind me calling you Richard?’

The Prime Minister just shrugged.

‘Now, let us see what we can do today in the House of Commons.’

‘Look, I did what you asked,’ Carson pleaded. ‘Please go and leave me in peace.’

Radiant seemed surprised. ‘Oh no Richard we’ve only just started. We have many issues to address or, should I say, readdress. Your government has had plenty of time to put things right. Things that your public wanted you to do and which you have promised but chosen to ignore. No, Richard, we’ve only just started.’

Richard put his head in his hands; things like this only happened in the movies, not in real life.

Radiant was well spoken. He was also obviously well educated and spoke with a slight accent but Richard Carson was much too occupied to worry about a man’s accent.

‘At Question Time tomorrow  you will inform everyone that, with immediate effect, all persons convicted of committing anti-social behaviour and who have been sentenced to community service will be compelled to work for the community. They will be issued with protective clothing and made to clean and service such things as bus shelters and pavements outside public houses. They will be made to collect any rubbish that has been dumped in the countryside and anywhere else. They will do this every day until their time is up.’

The Prime Minister looked concerned, wondering what his Liberal Democrat partners would make of that.

Seeing his reaction, Radiant took this as a lack of commitment from the PM and he lost his temper.

‘Richard, my friend,’ he said angrily, ‘until you stand up and implement these changes, you will now talk in tongues – many tongues – so many that a lot of your personal friends will think you have lost your marbles.’

With that, Radiant vanished.

The following hours were some of the worst that the Prime Minister Carson had experienced since he first came into politics. He could not even speak to his wife or his children. He soon realised that one thing was true; there seemed no way he could stop this man.

He did not feel able to attend the House of Commons the next day and his Deputy Jason had to make the Prime Minister’s apologies and take the day’s Questions.

The next day, Richard Carson was again in his office where he was soon joined by Radiant.

‘I’ve been thinking, Richard. Perhaps I’ve been putting too much on you. I believe you need a friend on your side; that is, besides me, of course.’

Richard could not believe his ears. What on earth was this mad man going to do next?

‘Please call your Deputy Jason into the room. You can even use your proper voice. There, I’m not that bad, am I?’

Jason Hewitt did not need any second bidding to come and see his Boss. He came in at the double. ‘I’ve been trying to see you, Richard since you did your ludicrous speech. Would you mind explaining to me what has got into you?’

Poor Jason had no time to hear the answer; he found himself being turned around and seated in a chair next to his boss. Richard Carson could not make his mind up if he was pleased to have his Deputy with him or worried that Radiant might turn nasty on poor Jason. He need not have been concerned.  Radiant dealt with the Deputy just as he had done with the PM.  He informed Jason that he was there to help put the government on the right road.

Jason sat open-mouthed. He, like his boss, was just flabbergasted. Radiant went on to explain that he wanted the Deputy to be totally in agreement with everything the Prime Minister said at the next Question Time. The Deputy PM tried to show his displeasure at what this rather arrogant man was telling them to do. However, he too could only utter sounds that sounded like gobbledegook, a bit like a four month-old child when learning to speak.

Richard Carson was then allowed to inform his Deputy exactly what was going on, what was expected of them, and that, furthermore, they were unable to do anything about it!

At twelve noon Richard and Jason sat together the PM informed the House the latest news that he had been told deliver. Whatever the Prime Minister said, his Deputy was obviously in total agreement with the proposed new way of dealing with people who committed any anti-social behaviour. It was not the type of policy he would have supported in the past. Now he smiled enthusiastically. During the next seven days more of the Cabinet were introduced to Radiant, and one by one the nine key members of the Government found that they also would have no choice but to do as the visitor requested. It was like a private club, but none of the members were allowed to voice their own opinions in any way.

It seemed that the initiation that Richard Carson had experienced was not needed with the new members. It was if Radiant had found an easier way of getting the new ones on his side. He had developed his mind so every one of them could be easily brainwashed perhaps?

The first test came when Radiant instructed them to disband the Health and Safety Commission and replaced it with twelve members of the public who would have the final say over any mad idea that any Council or Government body thought up. Hundred of silly rules were abolished within a few weeks, including one that children should not be allowed to play conkers.

It was pointed out again to the Council and government employees that Risk Assessments were intended to have three levels: high, middle and low.

It was not permissible for any Councillors or Management to make everything high-risk just to safeguard their jobs. New rules would be brought out so any frivolous charges were thrown out of court or discouraged in the first place by awarding large costs if the judges did not agree that it was justified.

Any judge choosing to act in a manner that was clearly against public opinion would be thrown out of his job. If a judge persisted that a dangerous criminal should be allowed to stay in the country, that judge would be awarded personal custody of the individual and responsible for his or her behaviour.

Judges should find it was better to go along with the new ruling that any person from another Country committing any crime was deported immediately their prison sentence was over.

 + + + + + + + +

 It was the next week when Radiant came out with an instruction that surprised the PM and his Deputy even more.

‘You will now suspend your foreign aid to all countries for six months while you investigate just where all this money is going, who has received it and, more importantly, what it was spent on. The sole exception to this will be programmes which are already in place with proven, ongoing results. This government and previous governments have ignored the plight of many of the older and vulnerable citizens who have had to sell their homes in order to receive proper care in their later years.  They should have all received this care free of charge. This will be made possible when you cease throwing away money to places that do not need it. Charity begins at home!

‘You will build more prisons and these prisons will be for the following: all murderers and rapist will stay in the existing maximum security jails, and will be forced to work ten hours a day. If they don’t, they will lose all their privileges including their television. When people commit crimes, they will not be entitled to any rights including such things as voting while they are in prison. .

‘The new prisons will be for all those people caught selling or supplying drugs.  Anyone over sixteen years of age found selling drugs will be sent to one of these prisons. All schools will intensify their drug teaching sessions so younger children will not be used to help supply drugs. In these prisons you will employ all military personnel who have not been able to obtain any employment since they have left the service. There will be a minimum sentence for first offenders, but anyone caught more than once will be given sentences from five to twenty-five years or more. There will be no commuted sentences; they will serve a full term. You must understand that these sorry people are dealing out death and complete misery and this will not be tolerated any longer.  You and previous governments have been too weak and it has to stop.’

The attending club members all nodded their apparent agreement. There would be many more such declarations from the new Government advisor.

Richard looked on mesmerised by the supposedly contented members all happy to go along with this man who has apparently taken it on himself to make all these changes.

He thought to himself that perhaps democracy as he knew it was fading fast. The men that he had placed in his Cabinet for their own views on all matters were acting like robots just doing what their master told them. Richard Carson realised he could not blame any of them. After all, he was doing exactly the same.

  + + + + + + + + +

 Simon was waiting to be taken for his first hypnosis treatment. Both Susan and his mother Grace were being allowed to sit in an adjoining room which had a

window enabling them to see and hear everything that went on.

Surprisingly when they started I it did not take long for Simon to go under and within ten minutes the hypnotist had started probing into that dreadful day and what had actually happened to the two men.

For the next two hours Simon went into every detail from when they first arrived on the mountain until he was finally located walking on his own on the mountain and rescued.

After they had finished and Simon had been brought back to the present, they all sat around the table and Joseph Manners, the main professor in overall charge, started to explain what Simon had revealed.

‘Simon, you’ve been under a hypnotic trance for over two hours and what you have revealed is simply amazing.  If true and we can’t see any reason for it not be it is just astonishing to say the least.’

Simon’s voice on the tape sounded strange. Everyone listened in total silence.

‘We were on the usual mountain and were about to come down when we were suddenly bathed in a bright white light that seemed to hold us fixed to the spot.Neither of us could move. We couldn’t even speak or look at each other; we could only gaze at the spot where the light came from. It appeared to be coming from a large round disc. Within minutes we were both held in this spotlight and were drawn into a hole in the bottom of it. I remember crying out to Dad to struggle and try to get free but neither of us could move.  I lost consciousness and when I woke up Dad was on a table next to mine.  We were again bathed in a bright but this time green light. I remember thinking, oh no, not little green men, but there were three of them and I could just make out that they seemed to be like normal human beings; very tall with eyes, noses and ears just like our own.

‘I tried to shout but I could hear no sound and they didn’t take any notice of me. They seemed more interested in Dad. He was just lying there and they made him first sit up and then stand. He just walked away from the area with one of the three men anddespite my shouting, he never looked back. I remember shouting again and again, but I fell into unconsciousness. I must have drifted off, only to wake up in the very spot that we were before we encountered the bright light.Perhaps I was too noisy for them or they just wanted Dad. I had the thickest of heads and couldn’t remember a thing except, the next day, I realised I was on my own and that Dad was missing. I still couldn’t remember anything about being on the ship and that’s why I was trying to find Dad – he had to be close by.’

The professor called the session to a close.  He gently asked Simon if he wanted to rest and suggested that we meet again the next day so that all that had been revealed could be digested properly.

Simon, Susan and Grace were placed in a car and driven home. That was it. Nothing else was said. The next day they received a phone call from one of the doctors suggesting that they leave it for two more days so they could look at everything with other doctors.

It was ten days later when Simon rang the hospital to speak to the Professor only to be put through to one of the other doctors who had been present at the meeting. He was very apologetic and explained that the Professor was out of the country but when he returned he would make sure that he contacted him.

A week passed and still no contact from anyone at the hospital, but Simon suddenly received a short but sharp letter from one of the doctors simply explaining that the general conclusion of the doctors present was that Simon had experienced some form of memory loss. What he had remembered could actually have been retained from a visit to a Movie or even a TV show. In short, it was just part of his imagination.Kind regards…


Simon, Susan and his mother Grace were beside themselves with anger. How could they be treated in such a way? It all made sense to the three of them – there could not be any other explanation but the doctors had brushed it all aside treating itas some farcical notion by Simon.  How could they just write it all off as a dream?

Despite several attempts to contact Professor Manners, it seemed that he had moved elsewhere, perhaps even left the country.

Simon seemed to accept it all much better than Susan and Grace, but the two women were not going to be put off by the doctors.

Perhaps we can go back to where you experienced all this and see if we can find any trace of a spaceship?

Simon shook his head; he could not actually remember the exact spot so it would be useless after all this time.

A sense of gloom settled on the previously happy household.

   + + + + + + + +

Richard Carson and Jason Hewitt were sitting in the Lunge of Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country retreat. Soon the Chancellor, Keith Manners, Philip Reeves, (the Foreign Secretary), and Paul Henderson the (Defence Secretary joined them.

It had been a hectic month with further changes to things such as the section of the Human Rights Act covering Non-Citizens right to stay in the UK was to be replaced by a much stronger ruling which allowed the Home Secretary to deport anyone who had committed an offense such as manslaughter, rape, or murder.

There was a new promise of a referendum to vote on Europe; changes to the prison system with longer sentences for repeat offenders, the list went on. Members of Parliament also lost a lot of their perks, including their own gold-plated pensions and their subsidised drinks in their House of Commons Bar.

Richard Carson was speaking. ‘Don’t you think it’s funny that Rad (as they now chose to call him – someone had said it was like talking to a box of washing powder and the name had stuck) has not appeared anywhere for the last two days and in fact is never here at the Chequers!’

The other three men looked around nervously as if to confirm that Rad was not standing there.  Jason commented that it was no big loss.

Keith laughed. ‘Oh come on, guys, you two have never had it so good.  Richard, your ratings are in the high forties and, Jason, you have even reached twenty-two, something you’ve never ever dreamed of!  You must be doing something right.’

‘Yes,’ Richard commented, ‘but we’re not actually doing the Governing, are we.’

The Foreign Secretary added his words of wisdom. ‘We had plenty of time to do all these things but we all seemed to be fighting each other. Scoring points,’ he added, looking straight at Jason.

‘Look, we’ve done nothing to finding out just what and where this fellow Rad has come from,’ Jason said. ‘It has to be something Top Secret that we don’t know about.’

‘What something like Area 51 in the States?’ added Philip?

‘Yes,’ replied Jason. ‘Think back, Richard. Has he ever said anything that we could use to find out more about him?’

The Prime Minister pondered then raised his eyebrows. ‘Well, the first time he appeared he did say Rad was not his real Earth name. This seems to indicate that he has been on earth before.’ The PM smiled broadly as if he had managed to win the lottery.

‘Perhaps we should hand it all over to the Special Branch now,’ suggested Philip.

‘What, and have everyone know we are just puppets, doing the bidding of a crazy man?’ Jason retorted.

‘Well, is he crazy?’ Keith interjected. ‘Everything he’s suggested has gone down well with the public!’

They all nodded reluctantly in agreement.

Richard Carson went on. ‘Well, we should ask Special Branch and perhaps the CIA might know something.’

‘Not sure it’s a good idea to bring in the Americans,’ said Keith.

‘Funny thing you saying that,’ added Philip. ‘It’s strange that they’re now bringing in similar laws in the US.’

Jason laughed. ‘Are you suggesting that they have their own “Rad” over there?You’ll be saying next that China and Russia have one as well.’

The four men just stared at each other, all thinking about what Jason had said.Was that a possibility?

They all agreed that something should be set in motion and Philip said he would try to sort out something with MI6.

The Childs family were sitting down to have lunch at Grandma Childs’ house when they heard a loud bang on the door. Simon got up from the table. Three men standing at the door showed official-looking badges and asked if they could talk to a Mr Edward Childs whom they understood lived there. Simon invited them in; they obviously did not know of his father’s disappearance.

It seemed very informal with the three men taking turns to ask questions about Edward and the last time they had seen him.

‘Look,’ said Simon, ‘perhaps you had better explain who you all are exactly and please may I look at your badges again.’

With that, the three men stood up saying that they had now finished but one last thing: could they have a photo of Edward?

Grace stood up and picked up a framed photo from the sideboard. She explained it was one of the last they had taken of Edward before he disappeared.

The men seemed pleased with this and, after taking the photo out of the frame, they thanked everyone and left.

The family all looked at each other and Simon shook his head. This was very suspicious. No one had shown any interest in his father’s disappearance for several years, so why now?

Susan immediately said, ‘Do you think it’s connected to your hospital visit when you underwent hypnosis?’

Simon looked at her. ‘Yes, I do believe it is.’

 + + + + + + + + +

 Grace was cooking herself some lunch when she heard a voice behind her. She turned and gasped as she recognised the form of her husband Edward.

‘Edward, is it really you?’

‘Well, I don’t know who else it can be if it’s not.’ Edward smiled.

Grace could only utter weakly, ‘Where have you been?’

‘It’s a long story and I think we should wait until the rest of the family are here before I explain it fully.’

Grace approached him and, as she took him by his arm, she realised that she could feel a firm limb beneath the clothes. It was incredible; he had not changed. In fact his face looked even younger than he was when he went missing.

Taking care not to say too much over the phone, Grace asked if the rest of the family could come over straightaway. There was something she needed to tell them. All she added was that it was not bad news.

As they travelled over in the car, Susan looked at Simon. ‘What on earth is it that your mother wants us for? It sounds very urgent?’

Simon shook his head. ‘No idea.’

Arriving at the house, they entered the living room to be asked by Grace to sit down. They had not collected Adam from school so whatever Grace wanted to say would have to be retold to Adam when he came home. What happened next was to be the most incredible event since the loss of Edward.


The Prime Minister had called a special meeting at Chequers to include all the existing members of the special club. They all wondered what else had happened.Each and every one of them had been on a high; for once, no one had experienced single bad responses from their own constituents.

Richard and Jason were sitting at the table with a serious look on their faces. Richard spoke. ‘Gentlemen, we think we now know the identity of Rad.’

There were gasps all around the room.

‘We were all getting a little fed up with Rad,’ the PM went on. ‘I know some of his ideas have worked out well for us but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that he has become the effective government not us, the elected Members of Parliament.’

Keith opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it.

‘We have put our Special Service people on it and it appears that Rad is a man who disappeared from his home eight or so years ago,’ Richard continued. ‘He lived just outside Monmouth with his Wife, Son and his Daughter-in-law and Grandson.Well, at least all the family lived close by. The man’s name is Edward Childs. He was in his early sixties when he disappeared eight years ago whilst hunting with his son. His son has been ill on and off since all that happened.  Recently he has been released and now seems to be on the mend. He had obviously suffered a nervous breakdown. We understand his son made a good recovery and his treatment under hypnosis assisted us in identifying our visitor Rad. The family do not know we have managed to identify Rad as Edward. In fact we’re not even sure that they know that Edward has returned and has been speaking to all of us.’

The room erupted as the men there all wanted to know what this meant and what the PM was going to do about it.

The Prime Minister looked straight at them. ‘Gentlemen, we just don’t know. We haven’t even begun to try to figure that out yet.’

As he sat down Carson knew that he had to make a decision and to make it quickly. ‘I think we should hold fire until we can confront him ourselves.’

Jason suddenly spoke up. ‘Er, sorry, Prime Minister, I have already sent MI6 to this man’s address. They should be there anytime now.’

The PM looked helpless. It was most likely the correct thing to do in these circumstances but deep down, in his subconscious, he felt very uneasy.

   + + + + + + + +

 As Simon and Susan sat down together on the couch, they could not tell by Graces demeanour that she was not her usual self. What on earth could be wrong?

Grace tried to be calm and collected. ‘My darlings, I have some startling but good news to tell you.’ She indicated behind them.

Simon and Susan looked around and seeing Edward gasped and cried out with tears of joy. The next ten minutes were a whirl, with all of them hugging and kissing each other, and the excitement continued as they all sat down with an expectant look at Edward.  Simon, Susan and Grace needed answers about where Edward had been for the last eight years.

He began in a carefully worded fashion as if not to miss anything that had taken place. ‘When we were bathed with that white light, Simon, I was like you, helpless and I couldn’t prevent myself or you from being dragged into that ship. I knew that we were both lying on those two tables but, when I was moved, I t couldn’t even think where they were taking me or what was happening to you. I was mesmerised and I thought I was in a dream. I was taken from that room and moved to a very spacious living area where there were large couches. Standing around were several beings. They were not little green men but just ordinary-looking Earth people.’

Edward paused as if to let the three of them take it all in. He certainly had a captive audience; they had not uttered a sound.

‘I asked several times where you were and if I could see you. All they would say was that you were safe and they would not harm you or me. I became very tired and must have dropped off to sleep naturally or perhaps with a little help from them.’

Edward just referred as to his captures as them and it was some time before he started calling them names.

‘I woke up several hours or even days later; I had no idea what day or time it was. I looked out and saw the stars and space; it was almost like watching a Star Trek movie. It was awesome and, for several moments, I was just standing by the window looking out as we seemed to glide through the heavens. It must have been at least an hour before two people came into the cabin, for want of a better word. It was a man and a woman both clad in one-piece suits. As time went by I became convinced that I was in a dream and I would wake up and be with you guys. I just couldn’t understand what was happening.  Suddenly one of the two spoke to me without opening his mouth. Susan spoke, unable to contain herself. ‘What do you mean, Edward?

‘By some kind of telepathy, or something like that?’

‘Yes exactly.Then I realised that on the last time they had spoken they had not opened their mouths but I had been too dazed to realise this.

‘I could clearly understand them. They assured me that I would be alright, and they would be taking me on a short trip. I would be and then returned to earth later.’

Edward took a sip from his cup of coffee which Grace had quietly made while her husband was talking and then continued…

‘I had no fear at all and, over the next few days I was at peace not even worrying about you, dears. It was almost as if I was just on one of my conferences like I used to attend when I worked all those years ago.’ He looked at Grace when he said that and she nodded her understanding. He had gone many such conferences in his job as Medical Officer in the NHS.

Simon found he had to say something. ‘Dad, you were gone for over eight years. Where have you been and how did you get back here today?’

For the first time Edward looked uncomfortable. ‘Well, you see, my loves, I was actually enjoying myself.’ He paused to see how that particular piece of information was received. It did not go down well.

Grace spoke with amazement in her voice. ‘You mean you were not worried about leaving me and the children here?’ Grace still thought of her Son and his Wife as her children. Edward went on, ‘Well, you see when we arrived at the planet—’

Again another interruption this time from all three: ‘You’ve been on a planet as well!’

‘Err, yes, a very nice one actually with green grass and blue sky and…’ Edward’s voice trailed into silence and he stopped while his kinfolk took this latest detail in.

Again, three voices all asked in unison, ‘What bloody planet?’

Edward looked surprised, as if he had not expected this rather heated response. After all, he had returned and was trying to explain in his own way what had taken place. Why on earth were his loved ones getting so excited?

He took a large swig of his now cold coffee. ‘It’s called Arisen. It’s just outside our solar system and very nice too.’

‘Yes, you’ve already told us that,’ said Grace in an icy tone.

Edward decided to change the subject and, looking at Susan, asked, ‘Where’s Adam?’

‘At school.’ Looking at her watch, Susan added, ‘Oh God, is that the time? I have to collect him.’

‘Could I come as well to collect him?’ Edward asked.

‘No, Edward, I don’t think that’s a good idea,’ Susan snapped immediately. ‘He might not understand how you’re here and we need to break it to him gently. ’

Simon and his Mother nodded their heads in agreement.

‘Look,’ said Susan, ‘please can you please hold off telling the rest of this until I get back. I don’t want to miss a thing.’

Edward then dropped a bombshell. ‘Well okay, but I don’t have long as I must leave soon. I have urgent business in London.’

Simon, Grace and Susan just stood there.

‘Y-you m-mean y-you’re l-leaving,’ Grace finally stuttered. ‘You just got here. What on earth do you need to go to London for?’

Edward looked blankly at them. ‘Oh, government business, of course!’

With that, the noise of a buzzer sounded on Edward’s wrist. He glanced down, looking worried. ‘My dears, you will have to trust me for awhile, but it appears I must leave you—’

The rest of his sentence was cut off by the rest of the family all shouting in unison: ‘But you’ve only just returned. What the hell is going on?’

‘You’ve not even seen Adam,’ Susan cried.

Edward looked very concerned. ‘My dears, if I stay any longer I could be placing all of you in danger – I have to leave and leave now!’

As he headed for the back door, Edward turned and with a stern voice added, ‘If anyone call here asking for me you must say you haven’t seen me for many years. Please promise me that. I’ll try to contact you shortly!’

Simon found himself agreeing but he was not happy – all those years his father being missing and now he was almost running out of the house. What on earth could be wrong?  Determined he chased after his father.

As he left by the back door two cars drew up at the front of the house. Five men got out of the cars, walked up to the front door and banged on it vigorously.

Simon had managed to catch up his father, much to his father’s annoyance. ‘Simon, you must go back and look after the family.’

‘No, Dad, you must tell me what’s going on. Nothing can be worse than us not knowing what danger you’re in. You’ve been missing for eight years and now you just leave without even telling us what you’ve been doing all those years. What do you mean, you’re on Government business?’

Edward looked at his son. ‘Let’s get in your car and I’ll tell you. Then you must promise me you will return to the family.’

As they drove towards London, Edward continued with his explanation. ‘Well, if you remember, I was always very interested in the politics of the country and, after I was on Arisen, I started explaining to my friends…’ Edward stopped when he saw Simon raise his eyebrows at the friends bit. ‘…yes, they were and are my friends, Simon. You see, they explained that, while they reside on Arisen, they all lived on Earth previously and were all very concerned about what is going on on Earth today.’

Simon looked amazed. ‘You mean that you have people living on this planet who used to live on Earth?’

Edward cut him short. ‘I must continue, Simon. We can fill in the little gaps later.’

Simon shook his head; if his father was thinking all this was little, what the heck was all the rest going to be like?

Edward was talking. ‘Over the past ten years, my friends have been visiting Earth on a regular basis and have been inviting a lot of us to join them – yes, Simon, join them.  If I and the others had not wanted to join them, they would have brought us back. You were rather too noisy when they took us both so they immediately chose to return you as they did not feel you would cooperate with them.’

Simon shook his head. He knew he had a thousand things he wanted to ask his father but, frankly, he did not know where to start.  ‘Father, why did they want you all to join them? What was the reason?’

Edward looked blankly at his son. ‘Well, they wanted us all to return to Earth to change the direction of things before they had to come and forcefully do it for us.’

As the car sped on its way back to London, Simon could only sit there and gasp, ‘Oh, my God.’

 + + + + + + + + +

 Grace waited for several minutes before she answered the door.

‘What on earth do you think you’re doing – banging on  my door like that?’ she shouted with dismay as three men just pushed past her while another two rushed around to the rear of the house.

‘We’re looking for Edward Childs. We believe he’s hiding here somewhere.’

‘What on earth are you talking about?’ Susan shouted at them. ‘My father-in-law has been gone for over eight years. Why do you think he’s here now and why do you want him?’

All this came out in a rush and Susan was amazed at herself; she did not normally shout at anyone, well – perhaps Adam now and again.

After half an hour, the men stopped looking.

The man seemingly was in charge pulled out his mobile and spoke to someone. ‘He’s not here, sir. What do you want us to do? You want us to bring these people in? By the way, the son’s missing as well.’

Evidently the reply was negative because the men just gave the two ladies a curt nod and returned to their car.

Susan waited until the men had gone and then, taking out her mobile, called her husband.

Simon answered. ‘Susan, we’re headed for London. I can’t go into much detail now but I’ll call you tonight. I want all of you to go to a small hotel and wait until we contact you. Yes, Dad is okay and is telling me what’s been going on. Believe me, I can’t even start telling it all now, but I promise I will as soon as it’s safe to do so.’  With that he hung up.

Edward nodded his agreement what his son had said.

Simon’s head was in turmoil. What on earth was coming next?


The group at Chequers waited until Jason put down his telephone. ‘He was not at his house and neither was his son.’

Richard Carson looked sternly at his deputy. ‘That doesn’t prove a thing, by doing all this, you might just have alerted Rad or rather Edward Childs. Now he’ll be on his guard and we’ve lost the advantage.

‘How do you think he gets to show himself in that kind of haze of light?’ asked Keith.

‘Well…’ Jason opened his mouth and then realised that, frankly, he did not know.

Philip spoke up. ‘We did ask some of our science bods but the best they could come up with, not knowing anything much about holograms, was that it was more likely he was in the area and he manages to project himself into the room. Perhaps this is why he hasn’t appeared here at Chequers.’

There was a cough and, turning around, the men present gasped as Rad suddenly appeared at the back of the room.

‘Gentlemen, I understand you have been looking for me.’

The Prime Minister stood up only to be forced back into a sitting position just as had been some weeks earlier in the office. His heart sank. This man might now become exceedingly unfriendly. He cursed his deputy for showing their hand.

  + + + + + + + +

Simon was sitting in a café just outside the town of Old Basing. His father had dropped him off after telling him not to contact anyone, including the family. Edward had promised faithfully that he would not be too long – how long that was going to be, Simon had no idea. All he could do now was trust his father.


Back at Chequers, all the men presentfelt theirlimbs become very heavy, as if an unseen force had descended on them and was holding them down.

‘Don’t worry, gentlemen, I won’t keep you but, as you seem to have discovered things about me, I just want to assure you that I have only a few more days here before I am going to leave you, but not before we all start behaving ourselves. Otherwise, Gentlemen,the time you have  spent with me as like being on a picnic, because others will not put up with all this deceit.’

The Prime Minister thought this was a little much coming from the man who had hidden his true identity from the start.  Edward looked sternly at all the men present and at once the whole room felt a chill descend upon it.

‘What my friends and I want you to do now will be laid out for you over the next few days and, Gentlemen, you will implement everything we ask you to do to the letter or else.’ Edward raised his voice as he said this and all the men present knew that he meant what he said. He had lost all patience.

‘One last thing, gentlemen, you seem to be under the impression that you are all alone in this but I can assure you that your previous notionthat there are more of us in different countries is quite correct – in places such as China, Russia and Germany, even Africa, there are many of us asking everyone to change their ways. We are all what you might call “EP”s – Economic Peacemakers.”

The Prime Minister said to Edward, ‘Why are you doing this, Edward – do you mind if we call you Edward – I mean, Radiant is rather a silly name if you don’t mind me saying so.’

Edward smiled as if in agreement.‘I have no problem with that. I only chose it before I came back so that it sounded, er, rather out-worldish.’ This was the first time the visitor had even referred to being from a place other than Earth.

‘What planet has you come from, Edward?’ Jason asked.

‘I don’t think we should cloud everything at present,’ replied Edward. ‘There is much more you need to concentrate on.’

Jason was determined to make his point. ‘What gives you the right to come here and demand we do all these things? We are the elected government of the United Kingdom. You’re not and—’

He was cut short by Edward, his eyes blazing suddenly as if the Deputy had touched a sore point. ‘I used to stand by and watch helplessly as you and previous governments acted only in their own interests, not taking into account what your public wanted. You promised everything and did nothing unless it suited your political profile and standing. You all failed to use common sense. I stand here representing all the people who yearn for someone to make you all see sense. Even you must see that the changes you have been forced to make have gone down well with all of the public. Now it’s too late for you to stand up and spout about democracy and your right to rule. Most of you have never even had a proper job in your life and yet you all feel you know better than the man in the street. Now the man in the street, me, Edward Childs, has come back to set your straight.’

Edward was interrupted by the Deputy Prime Minister ‘No one has elected you spokesman for the man in the street and we are all elected members of—‘

It was Edward’s turn to cut in and he did so forcefully. ‘Sit down, man, and be quiet or I’ll make you silent for the rest of your life!’

Jason, with some trepidation sat down, the colour draining from his face.  Edward then announced further items which they would need to act on in the t coming week: the top pay for all Management would be restricted to one hundred thousand pounds per year with no bonuses. This would include Ministers, Company Directors, Union officials and such like. People would not be paid any bonuses until the Country could afford it and then only for making a profit for their companies, not losses.

‘The BBC, a much loved British company, has developed a left-wing leaning which has gone too far,’ Edward continued. ‘You will dissolve the present set-up and elect people who are independent of their political views – there are some out there – and they will return the company to an impartial stanceon everything they undertake to comment on.

‘My friends and I feel that you in Great Britain are drifting away from your Christian roots. You should rid yourself of people in the churches who do not preach the Christian gospel and replace them. Any persons living in the United Kingdom can have their own religion but have to acknowledge that this is a Christian country and, if they don’t, they will be sent home from whence they came.’

A few of the members present felt themselves nodding in agreement. Good God, was this man recruiting his own supporters?

Simon was fed up with waiting. It had been over two hours and he was now feeling left out of everything. The events of the past few days had been mind-boggling. His father had changed; he was not the man he had grown up with. He had always been a kind, caring, considerate man who always went out his way to do good for everyone he came into contact with. He had always shown a keen interest in politics and Simon remembered him sometimes shouting his disagreement at the television, but didn’t everyone do that?

Simon then realised that perhaps not everyone used to get so hot and bothered over some silly politician making promises they never kept. It suddenly dawned on him that he had not once asked why his father was driving to London and what the purpose of this sudden departure was at such an important time. Edward had not even waited to see his only grandson. Simon telephoned Susan who, with Grace, was now desperate for word about what was happening.

Susan informed Simon that both she and Grace had decided not to tell Adam about the reappearance of his grandfather. He would not understand why he had not waited to see him and, come to that, the two ladies did not understand it all themselves. They quickly informed Simon about the strange visit from the five men who had been asking for his father and appeared quite threatening.

They all agreed that Simon would find his father and ask him to return with him to Monmouth and tell them exactly what was going on.

Edward suddenly remembered his son. ‘Gentlemen, I will let you get on with your business, but please understand there is a lot more to come. Time is limited but, if you complete the business in hand, we will soon let you get back to “running the Country”.’ His words sounded rather hollow considering he had been telling them all what to do even down to them reducing their own wages and holidays by half!

  + + + + + + + + + + +

 Simon looked up to find his father standing there smiling and acting like everything was normal. He bought his father a drink and told him about the men’s visit to the house.

Edward did not seem at all concerned. ‘Yes, I knew they were coming. You see, I have this,’ and he pointed to a strange-looking watch which appeared to glow – almost like a miniature television. ‘It also allows me to move from one place to another quickly. If you hadn’t caught up with me, I would have used it to come back to London. However, I couldn’t use it when you insisted in coming with me.’

Simon decided to come to the point and asked his father what the hell he was doing exactly.

Edward looked at his son. ‘Well, son, you see, I’ve been advising the Government about what they should do in certain circumstances.’

Edward then went on and listed some of the advice that he had conveyed to the PM and others.

Simon still had many questions to ask his father. ‘How did you get them to listen and did they do what you suggested?’

Edward laughed. ‘Well, they had no choice – you might say they were a “captive audience”.’

Simon was stunned. ‘You mean you forced them to do things that you wanted? Wasn’t that dangerous, to say the least – I mean acting like that?’

Edward seemed unconcerned. ‘Not really, you see when I came back, I was given certain powers which enables me to…kind of… make it possible to insist that people do as I say.’

Simon was lost for words and just sat there waiting for the next bombshell. It was not long before it came.

‘You see, if the people on Earth don’t start behaving better, we have certain ways of make them behave. For instance, we’re going to tell them to stop wars which are killing people in the name of religion and freedom. As far as the UK is concerned, it’s none of its business. The days of the United Kingdom being a major power is long gone and they’ve got to make sure that their own people are better looked after.

‘At my next meeting in a few days from now, the government will be made to understand this. At the same time, my colleagues who are spread all over the world will being doing the same. We have left this to one of the last things as we needed to coordinate everything. Some of us did not manage to arrive as early as I did. You see, I was the first person chosen to come back!’

‘Hold on,’ Simon spluttered, ‘you mean you were not going to come back of your own free will? How the hell can you tell countries like Russia and China to stop wars, not to mention smaller countries who are trying to get rid of their own unsavoury governments?’

Edward smiled again as if he had not a care in the world. ‘We have our ways, Simon. They will see the logic of doing this or else…’

His voice trailed off and, for the first time, Simon felt great fear about how his father was acting and what he was saying.

‘Dad, please come back home with me. Mother is at her wits’ end – and you haven’t even seen Adam.’

Edward looked at his son and shook his head. ‘I wish I could but you see…’ and his words left Simon cold ‘…that was another life to me and I’ve moved onto another plane. I can never return to what I used to be.’

Simon became very angry. ‘Then why the hell did you return in the first place? We’d just about accepted that you were dead.

‘I think the best thing for you to do is to return home and let me get on with my mission. I don’t have much time to complete what I was sent to do. I quite like Carson and the others and I didn’t want to push them too hard, but now they’ve discovered things about me so I have to move fast. If anyone asks if you have seen me, for the sake of everyone at home, you must just deny any knowledge of me coming back.’

Simon reacted angrily. ‘And what if we don’t want to tell them that we know you are back.’

Edward looked coldly at his son. ‘Then on your own head be it!’

Simon gasped at his father’s coldness.  He stormed out of the café and got into the car. Without looking back, he started to drive back to mothers home. His thoughts raced as he tried to understand and accept what his father had just said about not returning home.  His eyes filled as he suddenly realised that his father was not joking and it did seem that the Childs family has lost its figurehead yet again. Tears fell on his cheeks as he entered the motorway entrance that would take him home where the rest of the family would be expecting both of them to return.

+ +  + + + + + + +

Sam Jones, editor of the Sunday Chronicle, pushed his glasses up and stared at his young reporter Janice Lane. ‘You been on the sorbet, Janice? What on earth are you talking about aliens taking over the planet?’

Janice looked at her boss. ‘Yes, Sam, I’m telling you that we’ve been invaded by a man who has come back to Earth after been abducted several years ago and now he’s telling our government what to do. Unless we do as he says, there will be an invasion.’

Sam looked blankly at his young reporter. She had only joined the paper a few months ago but had just been promoted to a senior political reportingposition. As far as Sam was concerned, she was a good reporter but still a little wet behind the ears.

‘Look, Janice, you brought a couple of porkies back to us a few weeks ago. You know, the one about the Prime Minister sacking his Deputy.It just didn’t happen, did it?’

Janice blushed. ‘Yes, I know that, but I’ve got proof that what I am saying is true. I’ve got it on a mobile and, what’s more, it’s a good recording. Take a look!’

Sam pulled his glasses down onto his nose and looked at the mobile phone which seemed to show a meeting taking place in a room with about a dozen or so men. One man in particular was talking to the rest. He seemed to have a strange glow about him but otherwise he was a normal-looking person, in his sixties or so. The person filming the scene was obviously at the back of the room as people’s heads kept getting in the way. It seemed like the person taking the shots was anxious not to be seen.

‘Where was this taken?’

‘A room at Chequers.’

‘This does sound interesting. Look, we have to get our technical team to see if they can make it all clearer but what I can hear is all very interesting and…well, let’s get it worked on.’

Janice looked pleased. She had wondered if she had been set up again as there were a few people at the government who liked pulling new, young, pretty political reporters’ legs; the prettier the legs, the more they seemed to want to do it.

It did not take long before John Deed, the head man in the technical department, came in looking rather bemused. ‘If this is true, you have a scoop on your hands that will rock just about everyone in the country!  I’ve made two copies and I suggest that after you’ve used them you put both under lock and key. It’s dynamite, to say the least – if you can be sure it is not a put-up job. If it is genuine, you have all the top people in the Cabinet taking part. I’ve identified at least ten of them including the PM.’

Over the course of the next hour, ten of the most senior people on the paper looked at the five- or six-minute tape. It certainly seemed to be genuine. The next step was for someone to get one of the men there to confirm it.

‘Let’s look at getting Jason to confirm it,’ Sam said. ‘He’s always anxious to get his name in lights, so to speak. Frank, you go and see him,’ and looking at the fuming Janice, ‘and take Jan with you. Best get him on neutral turf but, whatever you do, get it on tape!’

Frank, who had worked at the paper for twenty years, nodded. If anyone could get the Deputy PM to admit it was genuine, it would be him. Smiling at Janice, he remarked, ‘Just let me do the talking, Jan. I know you brought it in but we do have to get it all collaborated and, with respect, being rather new at all this, you might put him right off.’

Janice nodded but with gritted teeth – another put-down,but deep down she knew that Frank was right in what he was saying.

It was three days before Frank could arrange an ‘off the record’ interview with the Deputy PM. He and Janice met Jason in the Carrington Arms, a nice little watering hole that a lot of Members of Parliament used. It was perfect that day as it was PM’s Question Time. Jason had just excused himself and let Richard take the flack.

Jason knew Frank well and in the past that the reporter had been a good source of information,  gleaned from his contacts from all the three parties,  Jason had used some of these snippets in the past but unfortunately, on this occasion, Jason would be finding himself ‘on the wrong side’.

 + + + + + + + + +

Simon arrived at his mother’s house and found the two women upset. Their first question was: where was Edward?

Simon did not know how to start to tell them so he just shrugged, replying feebly that his father had stayed in London on business. The three of them discussed everything but they finally agreed not tell Adam what had taken place. Not only would he be upset that his grandfather had left without seeing him, but the three of them could not explain to themselves what had happened.

As Susan and Simon drove home, Susan looked across at Simon and said, ‘When we get home and Adam has gone to bed, you can tell me what happened and, this time, I think you should tell me the whole truth.’

Simon looked back at his wife and simply nodded.


Frank and Janice met the Deputy Prime Minister in the pub as arranged and, as agreed with the landlord, they went upstairs to the private function room which would give them more privacy. The Landlord was of course very interested when he realised that their visitor was none other than the Deputy Prime Minister.  Not that he had ever seen the Deputy PM in his pub; but seeing him with Frank, a newspaper man of some renown was another matter entirely.  Frank had a history of coming up with scoops which often involved politicians from both parties; mostly revealing that one or another had run off with someone else’s wife or girlfriend.


Richard Carson arrived home and, after a brief discussion with his wife, played as usual with his children. His heart was not in it though; his brain was swirling and he was not his usual contented self.  It was not long before he had to withdraw to his private study. His wife knew that when her husband did this it had to be on Government business. This normally meant a problem which he had to think hard about.  Normally he was not that abrupt with the children but she knew that he would tell her what was wrong when he felt able to.

Richard recalled the day’s questions and he knew that things were getting difficult. He just could not function as he used to; he was not in command of his Government and, although a lot of what he had been told to do had gone down well with the public, even with the opposition, he knew deep down that some very disagreeable times lay ahead. . Little did he know just how true his gut feeling would turn out to be the very next day.


Back in the pub, with all the pleasantries over, Frank came right to the point. ‘Jason, would you care to comment on this?’ He passed over the illuminated mobile phone.  Frank and Janice could see straightaway that the Deputy Prime Minister was shaken at what he saw.

Jason looked at the couple and, mouth open, just nodded.

‘You mean it’s true you’re having meetings with some kind of alien?’

Again, Jason just nodded. He looked almost relieved that all this had come out into the open.

For once in his journalistic life, Frank appeared lost for words. He had been anxious for some answers but he did not expect the Deputy PM to admit to all this so readily.

Janice found her voice. ‘I think you’d better explain.’

The next hour was spent with Jason going into every detail, starting with the Prime Minister’s strange behaviour at first and then his own involvement, which of course he kept to a minimum, sensing that perhaps he could get some political mileage out of all this after all.

With the two Reporters recording every word the Deputy PM uttered, the session finished with the three of them agreeing to ‘keep in touch’.

Jason knew he had let the cat out of the bag but he also realised that what had and was continuing to take place would not have remained a secret much longer.Anyway, he could always deny his part in it and just say he had been ordered by the Prime Minister to go along with everything the man had said.

+ + + + + + + + + +

 With Adam safely in bed, Susan and Simon sat on their couch, each holding a glass of wine. Simon began from when he first got in the car with his father.

His wife listened intently, not interrupting until he came to the bit about on their own head be it! She could not believe her ears; why on earth had her father-in-law said such a thing?

Simon was pleased that he had unburdened himself of the latest meeting with his father. The problem was that neither of them had the faintest idea what to do next. Should they tell Grace what had happened or should they wait until Edward contacted them all again?

The next day, however, they found to their dismay that everything had been taken out of their hands. It started with crowds of reporters arriving at their house at five in the morning and their telephones ringing almost non-stop.

Fortunately, the Prime Minister had arrived at Downing Street very early that morning. He had been unable to sleep so he had asked his driver to come back to London early which proved a good thing.

As Jonathan his private secretary rushed in with the early copy of the Daily Chronicle, the owners of the paper not waiting for the next Sunday’s edition, Richard Carson was astounded as he read the headlines: ‘Prime Minister Richard Carson holds daily meetings with aliens!’ followed by ‘the British government being told what to do!’

As Jonathan stood silently in front of his boss, he was surprised that the PM’s face did not show much emotion. After the initial shock of seeing their secret exposed, he also suddenly felt rather relieved that all the past weeks’ goings-on had come to light.

Carson could see that all the confirmation had come from his own Deputy and he calmly asked his secretary to ask Jason to come in.

‘Oh, I don’t think he’s arrived yet, sir.’

Richard nodded. ‘Well, when he does arrive please tell him I want to see him – straightaway! You can also get the rest of the Cabinet and put them in the Cabinet Room.

As his secretary left, Richard heard a familiar cough. ‘Oh dear, Richard, your Deputy has been a busy man, hasn’t he.’

Richard nodded. ‘Apparently so.It looks like your game is up, Edward.’

Edward’s response surprised the PM. ‘I want you to recall Parliament immediately and inform them that you will be making a statement shortly.’

What he was going to say, Richard Carson had no idea, but he knew that Edward the Economic Peacemaker would soon tell him. Edward appeared unconcerned about the newspaper’s discovery.

With the all the members gathered in the main chamber, Edward and Carson entered and Edward made his way to where the Speaker normally sat indicating unceremoniously for him to get out of the way.

Edward stood by the Speaker’s Chair and started making further demands.There was no courteous introduction; it was if Edward had now assumed that everyone in the country knew who he was and what he was there for. As usual, all those present found to their dismay that they could not utter one word.

‘While you were all sleeping, Gentlemen, and of course,’ nodding to the ladies present, ‘Ladies, my friends in the other countries have been informing the other governments of the world that they must stop their wars and skirmishes immediately!’Edward paused, allowing this to sink in.

‘Your wars or those you are supporting in any way will cease immediately and I mean, Gentlemen, immediately!’

The men and women present just sat and stared. Most of them had not even set eyes on this strange man who, they had just been told by a newspaper, had been telling their own cabinet members what to do. And what was more amazing: the Members had apparently been doing exactly what this man had told them to.

They all sat there unable to move then suddenly found that they were able to move but only for a few seconds as they were again made to sit firmly in their seats.

Edward looked sternly at the men. ‘Just to show you, gentlemen, that I do possess many powers which you will find discomforting should you not to do as I ask…’ With that the whole Houses of Parliament suddenly shook violently stopping immediately when Edward raised and dropped his hand.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, ‘Do you get my drift, gentlemen?’

They all nodded in agreement.

‘Now, gentlemen, we have completed the Final Phase of my visit and you will be happy to know that I will be leaving you. If for one minute however you feel that what I have said can be ignored when I have gone, you are very much mistaken. You have no choice but to follow what you have all been told. Oh, by all means feel free to tell all your press friends’ and he nodded to the two Chronicle reporters Janice and Frank who had been allowed in at his request. ‘I’m sorry, you two, but you will only have about ten minutes at most to get your story in once this lot have contacted their pet news boys.’

Edward emphasized the boys bit. ‘Oh, by the way, Prime Minister, I would appreciate it if you will leave my Earth family alone. I will not been returning there and they, of course, have had nothing to do with this.’

The Prime Minister feebly nodded his agreement. He had too much to worry about at the moment and already the phones had started ringing.  The first one was the direct line from Washington!

The man in front of their very eyes simply vanished.

+ + + + + + + +

For the next two weeks, the United Nations met on a daily basis and talked about their respective visitors. The effect on all of them seemed to have been dramatic and it appeared that everyone was taking the visits seriously.

Months went by and life on Planet Earth returned to normal, with one exception: the Childs family had another visit from Edward, this time in the same manner as he had appeared before the British government: a hologram.

He spoke softly, explaining to his family that he had not wanted to cause them any distress and what he had done was something that not only he had wanted but a lot of people not living on Earth had wanted. He explained he knew it was all a bit science fiction, but they must believe him when he said that what had been explained to everyone on Earth had been very important. It seemed it was the view of other beings that the Earth people had lost their way.  If the Politicians did as he had told them to do then everything would be alright.  Money saved from entering into wars would help the public live a better life.  The poor would be fed and money saved would be directed to everyone having a good health service, not only in their own countries but all over the world.

Edward looked at his wife Grace and, looking into her eyes, said, ‘What we had, Grace, was special but when the chance came that I could make a difference I had to take it.  If you think hard about all this, you will understand. If Adam does find out what has happened, you can tell him that his grandfather had to go away again but that he still loves him. It’s unlikely that he will not hear about all this from the papers or his school mates.’

With that, Edward just faded from view

 + + + + + +

  One year to the day from when Richard Carson had met his visitor, he found a handwritten message in his in-tray. It was short and simply said, ‘I was pleased to make your acquaintance but as you know by now, while you did make some effort to do as we asked, other countries in your world have returned to their warring ways. Go home and stay with your family, Richard, as the time has come to do things our way!Edward.

Richard Carson let the letter fall onto his desk. His heart sank. Over the past year, his government had made great efforts to do what the visitor had advised them to do.

He was interrupted by a knock on his door. It was his Private Secretary. ‘Prime Minister, we’ve just found out that we’re experiencing loss of power all over the country. Every source of energy has just ceased to run. All our power stations, gas, nuclear or coal, have stopped. With the exception of all hospitals and medical centres, everything we depend on has just ceased to operate. This happening all over the world and no one knows what’s caused it.’

The Prime Minister nodded his head. ‘I think we do, Jonathan. It’s our friend Edward and his friends. We haven’t listened to his warning and now his friends are about to teach us a lesson.’

‘If only we had listened, Prime Minister, perhaps we could have prevented all this.’

‘Exactly, but I fear there is much more to come!’

‘Prime Minister, do you think that our going into Syria earlier this year might have been considered a war-like act?’

The Prime Minister shrugged. ‘Well, we only joined the United Nations peace force which everyone, even the Russians, agreed was necessary.’

Jonathan looked concerned. ‘Prime Minister, I do remember several of us did mention to you and the Deputy Prime Minister that it might not be in line with what Edward and his friends instructed us to do. I mean, getting involved in any armed conflict.’

Richard Carson shrugged again. ‘Well, if it did, it’s too late now.’

With that there was a further knock on the door and the Home Secretary rushed in. ‘Prime Minister, all the power has been returned and we are all able to operate everything normally but…’

The Prime Minister looked up expectantly.

‘…our radar shows that there are hundreds of small craft on the screens. They look as if they’re small spaceships and already Russia and China have had all their defences taken out and a lot of their military units destroyed.’

‘What about our own?’ asked Carson?

‘Ours as well,’ came the reply. ‘What do you think will happen next, Prime Minister?’

‘I think Edward and his friends are going to make us a proposition which we can’t ignore!’ replied Carson.

With that, the lights went out again!

 + + + + + + +

 Five days had passed since the arrival of the strange space crafts which were now positioned around the earth, seemingly covering every country and close enough for all its inhabitants to see with the naked eye.

Most countries had been able to source portable generators allowing them to have light and selected power but production of fuel from the petrol producing companies was not possible.

World leaders were able to communicate via satellite phones which seemed to indicate that the visitors wanted this to happen.There had been no communication from Edward.  Simon and the rest of the family were very concerned.  They had received just one brief phone call from Richard Carson before the arrival of the space ships.  He had assured them that they would not be the subject of any more attention from the Government or the Press.  Richard Carson had received several calls from the American President who seemed to have formed the opinion that as the UK had been the first western country to receive a visit from ‘one of the aliens’ that Edward was the leader of all the others.Richard Carson had assured the President that as far as he was concerned every country’s own visitor was to all intents ‘home grown’ which did not please a  President  always  ready to ‘shift the blame’.

The Deputy Prime Minister had come out several times at specially called Media Press Conferences stating that he for one had nothing to do with the causes of the so called invasion.Suddenly later that day the inactive presses nosily burst into action; newspapers were being printed again. It took everyone by surprise and at first there were no official announcements coming from the UK Government.Initially there were several newspapers who took the stand that the visitors were planning to ‘come down’ and turn everyone into slaves to do their bidding.

They even produced several so called aliens who came forward telling everyone that they had been ‘sleepers’ just waiting for their bosses to arrive.

Finally the prime minister got his act together and  gave an official press conference, giving out the official line that the government was dealing with the situation and that attempts were being made to set up some way of communicating with the ‘Visitors’.  They did not explain just how they were attempting to do this.

Richard Carson had called his emergency panel the nickname ‘Bulldog’ most likely after Britain’s most famous and successful Prime Minister Winston Churchill.There were twenty members of parliament on the panel which included the other two Party Leaders.

Richard Carson did not want anyone else claiming to have the answer to the problem but he was only too happy to accept anything that made sense and perhaps provide a credible answer to the invasion by the Aliens.

It was at the second meeting when they heard a familiar cough and turning around they found Edward standing behind them.

‘Good afternoon Gentlemen and Ladies- we meet again.’  ‘Oh please don’t get up, oh sorry you are not able – just me making sure that you stay nice and still’.For the next ten minutes there was nothing quiet about anything as everyone started shouting at Edward that was until he just raised his hand and plunged the room and its inhabitants into silence.  ‘’There that is better, now Gentlemen, if you remain nice and quiet we will tell you what is going to happen next’ The  Prime Minister and the others looked at Edward and, although they had recovered their speech, did as he said.

‘Gentlemen and ladies, as you know you have all been bad people and we have had to return to set you right – yet again.’The men present looked at him blankly, some even bowing their heads as if they accepted that this had been so and now the School Master was telling them all off.

Richard Carson asked meekly ‘Edward- please tell us what is going to happen?’

Edward was only too pleased to oblige.  ‘Gentlemen and Ladies you are fortunate that I have managed to convince my friends to halt the final stage of the plan which was to take over your planet and remove all of you from government.  Well, when I say convinced this will depend on if you do exactly as we tell you.’

Everyone in the room was only too ready to shout their agreement to whatever the Visitors wanted – anything to be left in their jobs and in power. After all it had not been them who started the last war – was it?’

Richard Carson asked ‘What do you want us to do Edward?’

‘Firstly Prime Minister you will announce the following then all the Members of Parliament will reinforce the message!’

We wish you to do the following:All your atomic weapons have already been disabled as have all your aircraft and tank weaponry.We wish to now to do the same with the small weapons.

‘You will announce that anyone  having  armourments  such as guns or  any other dangerous weapons should turn them in to Police Stations for destruction’ Edward could see at once that several of the men present were shaking their heads as if to show that they thought that this  would not be feasible.Edward looked at the men ‘Gentlemen we know that most of you have forgotten the teaching of the  bible and what happened on the Jewish Passover –when the Egyptian  government of the day refused to release the Jewish people from bondage .  They were warned to do this or lose their eldest sons who would be found dead in the morning.  The only difference now is that will be the owner(s) of the weapon who will perish.

Edward looked around the room as if to make sure his message had been taken in and understood.

‘You will have 30 days to get this message across to all your people.The other leaders will also be telling their people the same thing – get rid of your weapons or perish.

With that Edward vanished.

All the men in the room were at first silent but soon began whispering amongst themselves in case he was still there.

Richard Carson sat silent for several minutes before he rising to his feet and simply stating ‘Well you heard what the man said – do it’

The Prime Minister went to his office and called the President of the United States, finding that he also had been given the same instruction.  The President could only offer that he knew there would be hundreds, if not thousands of Americans who would refuse this request and would now apparently suffer for their refusal.  It was in the American constitution that they could bear arms to protect themselves and they would not readily give that right up, not for some space man who was most likely bluffing.  Anyway most of them never did not believe what had happened all those years ago in Egypt.The two men talked for an hour going over in every detail what Edward and his friends had instructed them to do.Richard Carson said he could see no option but to try to carry out the instruction and reluctantly the president agreed.  There was no way out.  The good side of all this would be that it would disarm of all the Gangsters and Terrorist who still had weapons.

   + + + + + + + + +

   The Childs family were sitting down to their Sunday lunch when he appeared.Edward coughed and asked if there was enough for him?Simon and the family just sat and stared.  They could not believe what they were seeing.Adam exclaimed ‘Granddad’ and he left his chair and grabbed his Granddad around his waist.Adam had been informed about his Granddads previous visit due to the intense press coverage that had taken place the previous year.  Several minutes went by as the family let Adam get used to the idea that this was his long lost Granddad.  Finally Simon gently pulled his son away from his father and invited Edward to sit down at the dining table.It was weird to say the least that suddenly after all these years the family were sitting down at the table eating their Lamb Dinner as if it was a normal occurrence.  However this was not of course normal and the family knew it and they waited impatiently for the dinner to end so they could talk to Edward.

Grace could not grasp what was happening but she knew one thing, she did not want the dinner ever to end.  All the past came flooding back as she fussed around her errant husband as if to convince him that whatever had taken place all was forgiven. However, deep down she felt she would have to face up to reality that soon she would be saying goodbye to her Husband.Had he not already announced that Grace was not part of his life anymore?As the family sat down in the Lounge, Adam firmly sat next to his Granddad as the family waited for Edward to begin.  As far as Adam was concerned this was now and he had his granddad back Susan could see her son’s joy which left her with a bad feeling in her stomach.

It was not fair – nothing was fair about all this and she looked at her husband who seemed to understand exactly what she was thinking.

Again silence reigned in the Childs household as they all waited for Edward to explain the reason for this sudden return.  Was it going to be a flying visit or perhaps something more?

Edward was speaking:  ‘When we saw that your world was not going to keep its word and refrain from getting involved in wars we had to take action. We felt we needed to show everyone that to carrying on that way would be futile.  Threats are the only thing your world understands.  Wars do not solve anything as you well know Simon.’

We gave up such things many years ago but we still have ways of protecting ourselves and others.  Even now there are civilizations in the Galaxy that still harbour hostile intentions to other planets. It is still not a heaven among heavens if you understand what I mean.  Yes, there are many other kinds of life in the universe and we, with other several worlds are trying to bring some order to it.  Hence, our visit to earth – we have to start somewhere.

We also recognised that many innocent Countries who had not done anything wrong would also suffer and we could not allow that.Even the countries who have committed the crimes of war; USA, Russia, China and the United Kingdom have some good in them and have contributed good things to humanity.

The problem is that still your own Politicians do nothing to keep the peace – they do not use their common-sense! When we have managed to dispose of all your harmful weaponry we intend to help you all with the gift of healing. All mankind will be healthier and live longer and there will be no more poverty. However, until we have established more control over you and the rest of your world we cannot even start to think of such things.The first thing on the agenda will be to establish a World Government which will be in complete control of everything; this will consist of representatives of all your countries but with persons from other worlds who will assist you until you are able to handle your own affairs in a proper manner.

Edward stopped to see if what he had been saying was sinking in.  He could see that everyone there was listening to his every word.Simon could only mutter ‘Fantastic idea, have you told our Government of your plans?’

Edward smiled ‘Not yet, we don’t want them to have too much to think about, they are, after all- Politicians’.All the family laughed at this, even Adam joined in as if he appreciated the joke; perhaps he did, a lot of things had happened in his young life.  Susan looked around the table and she nodded to Grace who had also enjoyed the moment.

It had been years since such laughter in the Childs household, not since Edward had left.

Grace left the room and Susan followed into the kitchen.  Her mother in law was standing at the sink with her back hunched and was obviously in much distress.Placing her arms around her Susan could only comfort her, she knew no words could put her mother in law’s mind at peace – there was much more heartbreak to come and both women seemed to know this.

Simon knew he had to find out more about Edward’s intentions and he knew that it would mean his Father going back to London for some time.

‘Dad what you are intending to do is fantastic but surely it will take many months, if not years, to do all this?

Edward smiled ‘It depends how the next few months go but I do have some news which might interest all of you.’

Edward paused as he saw his wife and Susan come back into the room again.‘I want to take all of you back to Arisen with me’

 + + + + + + +

 As he said this Susan and Grace were coming back from the kitchen. Grace overhead what her husband had said and she let out a cry and stumbled.Susan tried to hold Grace up as she started to fall.Edward looking around saw his wife falling and did a remarkable thing; he reached out both his hands towards his wife and with an unseen force.

appeared to support and hold his wife behind her back with his left hand as his right hand kept her from falling forward.  ‘Are you alright Grace?’  Edward asked.Grace weakly replied ‘Yes, thank you Edward’ still not sure how his outstretched hands had somehow stopped her decent.

Simon had witness what had happened and he turned to his father

‘What do you mean take us back to Arisen- is that possible?’

‘How long do you intend to stay here?’

His father smiled. ‘I feel it is time for us to have a long chat but before we do would it be possible for you to light that log fire Simon?

‘It is one thing that I do miss on Arisen.Simon bent down and lit the log fire which had been already laid in preparation for the autumn weather.

With minutes the whole family, with Adam sitting close to his Granddad, sat down around the now blazing log fire.

Edward sat for a few minutes, his eyes glued to the bright flames which lit up the room.Susan went to switch on the small standard light but Edward gently asked if she would not do this for a while; it seemed he was soaking up the comfortable atmosphere of the room.  Finally he spoke ‘When the Arisen people first came to earth nearly five hundred years ago it was just to take people for medical observation and then return them to earth after a short time.  People had no choice then whether they wanted to go or not.However, since then it seems that when I and a few other people from different parts of your planet starting informing them about  what was happening on earth they took more notice of what was going on.Arisen is part of a Federation of Planets much like your splendid Star Trek stories.’  Hearing this Adam perked up ‘Granddad, do you mean you have Captain Kirk and Captain Picard visiting you?’Edward laughed ‘Not quite Adam, but the writer of the series certainly showed much creative thinking when he wrote that story.On Arisen we do have many different races of people who have joined us over the years and being in the Federation means we can travel and move to other planets should we get over populated. ’

Edward laughed, knowing that that would be one of Simon’s first questions.

On Arisen we were able to recreate a similar environment to the one you have here on earth except we have found ways to control our weather.  Yes, seriously we have the same four seasons that you do on earth but we control it so we don’t have the extremes, thus all our food and water are also controlled.  We live longer than you do here on earth and we have perfected our medical expertise so death is more controlled.

Simon looked startled at this and Edward, anticipating his son’s next question, explained ‘we have devised a system which we feel works well.Our average life span is 125 to 150 years.  Our women can have their babies only to their thirty fifth year. After which they revert to the normal way which all men and woman of Arisen make love. Edward’s eyes indicated in Adams direction and the three adults there knew not to press him for any further on how the people of Arisen spent their night in bed.

Edward had been talking for some time so Susan suggested that they have a nice cup of tea and biscuits; Adam’s little face brightened up at once.  He loved his chocolate biscuits.

As the family sat drinking tea and munching on the chocolate biscuits Edward continued with his story.  He recapped on what he had related so far:  From an early age the children were sent to a high tech school where they were taught about their heritage and all matters relating to the universe.Once they had completed this schooling they were allocated a level of education which suited their IQ.  By sixteen they would be ready for an assignment which they would have for the rest of their lives.

This would include going to other planets and working there if they so desired.

Edward then asked to talk privately with Grace, taking her hand and he led her into the adjoining conservatory.They both sat down on the couch and Edward looked directly into her eyes.  ‘Grace, I feel I should explain more about my time on Arisen and my behaviour towards you when I first visited you.  You see, I was on a mission to tell your Government what was going to happened if they did not change their ways here on earthI will explain more later but first I want to explain to you what people of our age do on Arisen’ He stopped and looked at Grace to see if she was understanding what he was saying.

Grace squeezed his hand gently and asked him to continue.

Edward went on ‘I could not say more in front of Adam but on Arisen after the thirty five years have passed for both men and women we adopt a different approached to love making.’

Edward paused almost as if he was glad to have gotten that out after all it had been many years since him and his wife had even been in the same bedroom let alone the same bed.

Edward continued ‘We also have a different way of communicating with each other.  As I explained on my last visit we don’t actually speak to each other, we transfer our thoughts but we can only do this if the other person is willing to receive.  If the other person does not want to ‘talk’ then we cannot do this, it is almost like you not talking to Simon if you are mad with him!’

Grace smiled and nodded her understanding; at least there was some familiar things on this new planet.

Edward went on ‘I will be staying with you for three days and I would like for us to be able to sleep with each other.’  Grace was rather taken aback with Edwards’s direct statement and she blushed.  Edward smiled ‘  I would like to show you how we transmit our emotional and sexual feelings from one to another.  Again, I can give you an example from one of your science fiction movies when the alien uses a similar action to show her love for the young hero in the film.  I can’t remember the title of the film but it did cause us much laughter when we picked it up on our own television screens. Yes, we do have a form of television on Arisen but of course much more sophisticated than yours on earth.’

Edward paused to see how Grace was taking all this. Grace did not say anything but just looked at Edward.She had been in contact with any other man since her husband had ‘disappeared.From what her husband was saying whatever happened in the privacy of their bedroom could be something special.It was quite possible she would be in for a real treat, exactly what, she had no idea; but then after all the years she did not care. She started to look forward to bedtime with some anticipation.  .

Edward hoped that his wife had managed to understand his rather clumsy explanation of how men and woman made love on Arisen.  It was not easy trying to explain to your wife of many years that the next time they shared a bed things would be different, very different, but he hoped she would enjoy the experience – well hopefully she would.

  + + + + + + + + + ++

 Prime Minister Carson had talks with the President of the United States and others Heads of Government.  All expressed their concerns that a demand for the surrender of all weapons would almost certainly end in the deaths of many of their Citizens.  It would be obvious that many would either ignore the demand or even not even hear about it.

It was also decided that all efforts should be made to try to get the message across to their citizens in view of what took place the last time the visitors came.A decision that all military authorities would look at other options was also agreed, but these were not discussed in public.

Prime Minister Carson was of the opinion  having had a close relationship (if you could call it that) with Edward,  that they should make the effort to put in place the dire warning of what would happen if they did not comply with the demands.


Simon was having difficulty in understanding what was going to happen in thirty days if people all over earth do not hand in all their weapons.  Edward explained ‘Simon, what your Government does not know yet and I will not be telling them, is that we needed 30 days to have more time to set up our probe satellites to cover the whole of the earth.We have Mother Ships stationed on the other side of your moon which people on earth cannot see but we also have over one thousand smaller craft to cover all the countries in order to observe everyone.

This is a tremendous task and we cannot afford to make mistakes.

It is not our intention to take lives here on earth- just too effectively take out all the warring factors in every country.  We already control all large armaments such as super rockets and tanks etc. they are no problem.

It is the small arms that we want to control to stop your people from killing each other.  Once we have vetted every part of your country and the rest of the world we will know exactly where all the weapons are concealed.

Simon exclaimed ‘Are you saying you will be able to distinguish exactly who has what?’

Edward looked a little sheepish ‘Well Yes’

‘You don’t sound too sure!

‘Well, it is a fine line between a farmer having a shot gun and a terrorist having an AK47’ admitted Edward.

Simon was perplexed ‘Father, it seems impossible that you and your friends can accomplish this – you must know that – you will be responsible for thousands of deaths’.

‘Simon I will tell you something which must go no further than these four walls’.

‘What is that father?’

Edward looked embarrassed ‘We cannot control it – the whole story is bull shit – a big, big bluff. We are just trying to get your world to try to disarm itself; once it complies, we will in due course ask them to join the Federation of Planets. ‘

‘Father you must be able to do all this without threats, -threats that have forgive me for saying this – no teeth!’

‘I guess I had better tell you the truth, when I was saying how great everything was on our planet Arisen I did not mention that we do have certain groups that are much more volatile than the rest of us.  In fact, the one thousand odd probe ships we have in orbit are to protect you as much as to try to control you.

Simon groaned ‘Oh my God!’

  + + + + + + + + +

  ‘Well, this is something we have not done for some time’ remarked Susan as she snuggled down with Simon ‘It’s certainly been an eventful year or so.’

‘You can say that again’ replied Simon

‘I would but I am a bit tired’

Simon laughed ‘That is something else I have not heard for some time but I reckon we should sort that problem out right now’

Afterwards the two of them must have dozed off, only to be awaked suddenly by a cry coming from their parent’s room.

‘Simon, Simon do come- something is wrong with your father’

Simon and Susan grabbed their dressing gowns and rushed to the source of the cries where they found Grace bending over the silent form of Edward.‘He just passed out’ cried Grace.

Susan took charge taking Edwards pulse. ‘Well, at least he is still breathing-what happened?

Grace looked sheepish ‘He was showing me how’….she paused, her face starting to flush red. ‘Then he just fell over, you know what I was telling you earlier on when we talked in the kitchen.’

‘Oh yes’ replied Susan the Arisen way of making love!’

Simon looked stunned. ‘The ‘what’ Arisen way?’

‘Oh never mind’ said Susan ‘I will tell you later’

Suddenly another voice was added to the confusion.

‘What’s wrong with Granddad?’ asked Adam

Turning around the three grownups were surprised to see him standing there, rubbing his eyes, having been woken up suddenly by all the commotion.

Simon gently took his son by the arm and ushered him back to his bedroom, assuring him that his Granddad was going to be alright.

As his father pulled the covers over his son Adam suddenly said ‘It is nice having Granddad home again.  Simon nodded but did not answer knowing full well that maybe his father would  not be around  much longer and would be rushing off to London again –telling everyone what to do.  Wishing his son a good night he returned to his mother and father’s bedroom where he found his father had regained consciousness.

It was a rather embarrassing moment as his Father tried to relate what had actually happened.  Simon and Susan sat on the side of the double bed and looked expectantly. ‘Well, as your mother has told you we do have a different ways of  …err showing out affections on the planet Arisen; we allow our affectionate and sexual emotions to blend  and  transmit  to the other person as light particles which infuse with the person you are ‘err,  showing affection to. ’

Edward stopped as he could see both of them smiling at the thought.

‘Look, all that happened – I think that after such a long time of errs…not being with your mother that I overdid it and got  …rather…carried away!’

Susan turned to her mother-in-law ‘How are you Grace?

Grace grinned ‘Fantastic’ she replied.

As they returned to their room Susan turned to Simon ‘Now, you must ask your father how that is done!’

Simon nodded ‘I will be but I don’t have any problem with how we do it now. Pucker up I am coming over your side again.’  More laughter came from their bedroom

At breakfast nothing was said about the happenings of the previous night.  When Edward asked Adam if he would to go for a walk everyone thought it would be a good idea.As the two of them left for the nearby hills Susan and Simon stood smiling, arms around each other, it was great to see their son with his granddad again.

Susan’ ‘your father seems different this trip; he is quieter, rather subdued, what do you think?

Simonnodded ‘Yes, well he has a lot to worry about.  You know I told you about the probe ships that surround the earth; well they are also there to supposedly protect us from some kind of invasion from other planets.

Susan shook her head. ‘God, what on earth is happening now, I mean I was just getting my head around being taken over by Aliens now you are telling me we may have a fight on our hands, this is all too much like Star Trek for god’s  sake!’

 + + + + + + + + ++

  Adam and his granddad were having a great time.  Both of them throwing sticks and doing what was called ‘duck drake lardy cake’ which entailed throwing thin stones into the nearby lake hoping for them to skim over the water.  Adam was pleased when he beat his granddad – having more skims than he did.

‘Granddad, why did you go away and leave us so long?’  he asked.

‘Well Adam, I did not actually leave you entirely – don’t you remember me coming to visit you at bedtime and telling you about things that were happening in the world?’

‘Well, I do remember you telling me fairy tales when I was real young but not lately’

‘I could not always get to you Adam.  Sometimes you would not allow me to come into your world and I could only wait until you allowed me to do so.’

Adam shrugged his shoulders ‘then you should have woken me up Granddad, you know I love you.’

Edward smiled ‘Yes, Adam I love you  …very much!’


Prime Minister Carson and his Ministers were having their usual weekly meeting under the banner of Bulldog, the title of the group formed  to try to solve the crisis of the day – in this case the invasion of the Arisen representatives,  Edward and company.The people who had returned to their own countries from Arisen were well known to the media and their names had been published regularly over the last six months.  Even the way that they had been able to visit their Heads of Government and seemingly enter and leave at their own volition was well known.  They were not even in the country when they made the first contact.They were on the moon and their images had been transmitted via a telephonic link in form of an imagery known as a hologram which was not something you could get hold of.  The Prime Minister was updating on the progress of public disarmament.  Everyonepresent seemed to have accepted the situation with the exception of the Paul Henderson, the Defence Secretary. He suddenly stood up ‘I don’t think we should accept these demands and should do something about it!’  The rest of the members looked up at him and shouted for him to sit down- there was nothing that anyone could do and if Edward could hear us he would not be happy.

The Prime Minister spoke.  ‘Look Paul I agree that is not nice having to go through all this again but we have no choice, they are too powerful and we have no way of stopping them.’

Paul Henderson glared at his prime minister ‘I feel we should at least try; we never did accept defeat in the last world war and we should not now!’

Jason Hewitt turned on the Defence secretary ‘I agree with you Paul, but what do you suggest we use to defeat them –bows and arrows?’

‘Well, if we cannot use modern weapons perhaps we should use others’

Paul Henderson then went on to explain.‘We know that all these people who represent Arisen are human so we should be able to somehow take them out.

Yeah, yeah we know all that’ replied Jason ‘when do you suggest we take them out when they are sleeping?’  The rest of the ministers laughed agreeing with the Deputy Minister.

‘Yes that is exactly what I mean – while they are sleeping!’

The Prime minister and the rest of the cabinet stared.

‘Richard did you know that Edward Childs has been seen at his wife’s home and is actually there now!’

Richard looked blankly at Paul ‘No, I did not that- we did promise not to bother his family as part of the deal when he left’

‘Well I have had M15 watching him and we can take him out anytime we want.  I suspect with the cooperation of the other countries they could do the same-providing that those people are still on earth’

Richard looked at his defence Secretary ‘When do you feel we should do that? I mean, we have to ensure that we all do it at the same time or they will get word to the probes and we could all be destroyed’

Paul Henderson looked smug ‘I have already started contacting the other countries; even Russia and China want to go ahead with it’.

The Prime Minister looked around at the rest of the men gathered in the meeting ‘Even if we can do this, what will happen next?

‘We could tell them that unless they leave us alone we will kill all the Peace Makers that is what they fear we will do to each other. We are sure they don’t like to kill anyone themselves otherwise we might have had some bad things done to us already’.

Richard Carson ‘We should take a vote!’

One by one all the men there put their hands up in apparent agreement.  Jason Hewitt smiled ‘Then let’s do it –as the yanks say let’s kick ass!’

Richard Carson nodded.  ‘I will call the US President and get it started.’

 + + + + + + + +

 Susan, Simon, and Grace watched as Adam played football with his Granddad.Susan asked suddenly ‘Why is Edward still here?

He did say he was going to stay only three days.’

Grace smiled ‘I think he is for once enjoying being home and he loves being with Adam – he told me the other day that he missed Adam very much and me as well’  Grace blushed as she added herself to the list.

Susan smiled.  ‘Yes, and we have missed him and what is more Adam is like new boy again.I mean after all that problems we had with him when he was first born.’

Simon ‘Yes, it does seem incredible that he was not even meant to last the night.’

Grace and Susan nodded ’That is something we often forget and looking at him now, I’m so grateful he pulled through’

The next ten minutes were spent in silence with the occasional clapping when either of their love ones ‘scored a goal’.

They were so engrossed in the football being played that none of them saw the group of men who had entered their garden until all of them fell to the ground as the swirls of gas hit them.Men with gas masks over their faces walked nonchalantly into the garden and collected the helpless form of Edward Childs and placing it in a wicker laundry basket they left the house and drove off.

It would be approximately four hours before the family would recover from the gas and by then Edward Childs, Peace Maker would be under their control and out of reach hopefully of his fellow citizens of the planet Arisen.

The family were gathered in the lounge with the exception of Adam who was out cold.  Simon could only mutter ‘they have come on got him-those bastards from the government – they don’t know what they are messing with.  We have those aliens on our necks now as soon as they realises that Edward is missing and un-contactable.

Grace and Susan started to cry uncontrollably just as they were getting their family back together and everything was seemingly back to normal those government officials were up to their old tricks, starting a War which in this case they could not possibly win.

  + + + + + + +

 Adam Child’s eyes flickered and opened wide – he heard his mother squeal with delight –‘He’s awake Simon, he is awake!

Eyes now wide open Adam looked around and saw his mother, father, his grandmother and grandfather gathered around his bed their faces showing intense joy.Adam went to raise himself but the nurse who had been his consent companion for the last eight years pushed him gently back.‘No Adam, please take it easy you have been on a long journey and have to rest until your strength is up’

Adam protested ‘But I feel fine why are you all here and Granddad, how did you get away?

Edward Childs kissed his grandson on the forehead and just muttered that he would tell him later.  As he turned away from the bed he motioned to his wife Grace that he had no idea what Adam was talking about.  He  had not left his Grandson side for more than the occasional evening  off.  A ritual that all members took part in since Adam had fallen ill all those years ago.

The whole family had to retreat from the child’s bedroom as doctors arrived in a hurry to find out just how this young man had regained consciousness.  It would be several days before the family were sure that their lovely Son and Grandson was fully recovered.  His dire illness had left him in a life threatening coma. Days and nights had been spent by his bedside first in the hospital and next in their own home when his Mother and Father insisted that they wanted him home so they could take care of him themselves.This had been the case day and night for the last eight years and just when they might have given up hope their son would periodically raise their hopes before slipping back into his coma.  However, these short spells of apparent consciousness helped keep the family’s hopeful with the help of daily visits from both his grandparents they had kept up their relentless vigil.

As the days went by Adam seemed to regain all his facilities and soon the family were able to fill him in on what happened while he had been sleeping.  They stared with pictures of his presents after which they gave him the actual presents and soon his bedroom was littered with gifts, paper and laughter.  A new sound to the Childs family, after all these years.

It was a good three weeks later when Adam brought up the subject of his grandfather coming back.  Now back on his feet and seemingly able to fend for himself.

‘Mother, how did Grandfather escape! You know from those men in London – the Government!’

Susan could only ask ‘What men dear?

‘You know the men who Granddad had to tell what to do after he came back from being on that planet – what was the name Arisen!’

Again silence from his mother.Calling her husband back from work Susan tried to explain what their son had said in a matter of fact manner.

Later on that evening the two parents asked Adam to sit down and they asked him what he meant by asking about the planet Arisen and his grandfather coming back.What Adam told them left them worried that [perhaps Adams brain function might have been compromised by his lengthy time in the coma?  They both decided to refer Adam to the brain specialist at the Cardiff Children’s Hospital.

 ++ + + + + + + +

‘Please come in Mr and Mrs Childs and sit down’ invited the specialist from the Children’s hospital in Cardiff.‘As you know I have spoken  to Adam many times over the last few months and I can only tell you that he is both sound in body and mind,  and considering what he has gone through over the last eight years he is a remarkable young man.

Susan interrupted ‘but Doctor he still goes on about the abduction of his grandfather, his return from this planet Arisen whatever it was or is called and his insistence that everyone here on earth has been or is being threatened by Aliens.  I mean come on Doctor  we all know that is not a normal behaviour of a ten year old boy, even taking into consideration what Adam has been through’

Simon took hold of his wives hand and nodded his agreement.  ‘Doctor is there anything else you can add to all this?

Doctor Groves looked directly at the two anxious parents ‘Only that in the view of all my fellow Doctors and Specialist in this field we are all in an agreement that your son Adam believes he actually experienced  everything that he has said to you.  There is nothing that we can do but to except to accept that in his mind your grandfather was abducted by men from another planet and then returned to tell our government what to do.We have many tapes of our talks with Adam and believe me it is an interesting story.

Susan and Simon walked out the hospital in a daze with copies of the tapes, given to them willingly by the doctors after months of recording.The Childs family were doing what had become a family habit meeting for Sunday lunch and talking about Adam’s strange incredible story.  It just did not make any sense that Adam would be so sure that this strange and dangerous venture had taken place.As they sat down Edward enquired how Adam was getting on.Susan smiled ‘Not at all bad he is staying overnight with one of his new school friends.

Today, Edward and Grace had an even more surprising announcement; they thought they knew how all this happened.

Grace let Edward start with their explanation. ‘We both listen several times to the tapes which the doctors gave us and with what Adam has also related to us we have concluded there is only one way Adam could have dreamed up this astounding story.

‘What was that? Susan asked.

‘He must have got it all from us!’ replied Edward

Seeing the surprise look on Simon and Susan’s faces he continued.

‘Well if you remember I probably sat with Adam more times than anyone else; you both having to go to work’.

Simon and Susan nodded their agreement.

‘I don’t know if I mentioned it to you before but from an early age I have also completed a daily diary and I continued doing this as I sat and read to Adam.Also if you will recall I used the time I sat with Adam to vent out my usual political annoyances about our government in general – just to get it off my chest!I have checked my old diaries and I notice that I was very much caught up in the moment and I must have heaped on poor Adam my thoughts of the day and what I would love to do to sort it out.  It is all there the immigration, the misuse of our money in foreign aid etc. etc.  I have most likely and unfortunately for dear Adam been brain beating him with all my political concerns!I mean I was really wound up and I guess I just used the sessions with him to unwind.  What is more in one part of the diaries I even mentioned wishing I had friends from out of space to come down and force them – the governments to change their ways.

Simon and Susan looked at each other ‘That sounds good Edward but there is so much detail he even mentions names of Politicians, and even the name of that planet. What was it Arisen?

Edward nodded ‘I know it is not the complete answer Susan but it does explain a lot of what this person err me was supposed to want everyone to do’.

Simon shook his head ‘Dad you may be right on some of it but why did he include me as well with the abduction?  I mean I was even missing for several days!’

Grace came in’ Yes, but you were missing at one time for several days when you went to that medical conference  and don’t forget you used to drop in and talk with Adam when you were home in the evening so it could have registered that you were not present for at least two days.’

The four of them stopped for some refreshments not really knowing where all this was getting them.

Susan was the first to speak again.  ‘Look does it actually matter, we have him back and he is well and to all tense and purposes not harmed in any way. He could have been left with brain damage to say the least.  Maybe you daily talks and all that political ravings might have kept his mind active and helped him keep his mental state.’Simon at once nodded his agreement; that certainly made sense to him.

‘I think you are right Susan, the more we talk about it the more we go round and round in circles and it is most likely best if we put all this  behind us’.I mean he seems well, not having any nightmares which we would all expect him to have and doing well at school.  What say we all forget dinner here and go for a nice meal in the country and all make a pledge to put all this behind us?’

Edward smiled ‘Good idea Grace and I am buying – it is the least I can do -me after leaving you all for those eight years!’  Everyone laughed as they piled into Simons car.

+ + + + + + + + +

 It was two years later and the British Elections were well on their way and it was the general feeling that no Party would end up with a clear majority.  In the Conservatives party office everyone was working hard to try to change the ‘straw polls’ which gave all the parties a dead heat.  If this happened the United Kingdom could end up with a Coalition Government the first time in forty or so years, at least not since the last world war.  Firstly, however, they had to choose a new leader who would lead them to victory over the present, rather unpopular government who had managed to spend most of the well-earned cash built up over the previous more fruitful years.  There were two Richard’s running for the leadership and both seemed very well suited for the job.  It became clear that both men knew what the Country wanted and both of them promised daily to change things around, to sort out and protect the NHS, stop all this excessive immigration and mismanagement of the banks…the list went on and on.

Edward and his wife, as they were both retired looked on with mild interest.  They still felt that Edwards’s spell of looking too closely at the political scene had contributed to Adams strange story.  However, it had been generally agreed within the family that his constant belly aching and his attitude to all politicians may have just helped save Adams mental health while in his coma.

Election Day came and went and it looked like the Conservative Party might just edge a small victory but would they have the majority which would enable them to put their manifesto into practice.  It looked helpless and days went by with the Liberal Democratic Party throwing their ‘hat’ in trying to influence things and even perhaps obtaining part of the power to Govern.

Simon and Susan were having friends around.  Adam staying with his Grandparents and they were able talk freely with their friends Brian and Jean were fellow doctors they talked their usual medical jargon which after a while Susan and Jean got tired and wandered off into the kitchen, making coffee was a pleasant break from the constant medical talk coming from their husbands.  Brian and Jean had a fifteen year old daughter called Joyce and hoping to follow after her parents to become a doctor.Well, that was the idea at present, who knows what the next three years would bring.

Jean and Brian had known for many years about Adams strange adventure when he was in his coma.  ‘How is Adam these days Susan, has he had any more dreams?

Susan shook her head ‘No he is fine, he is well into football and his favourite football team is Arsenal much to his father’s disbelief as he follows Liverpool.I am not thrilled with twenty two men running all over the pitch kicking a ball – all paid too much money.  Jean nodded

her agreement.

In the other room the two men talked and watched the television news.

‘Who do you think will win the General Election Simon?’

Simon shook his head ‘Susan and I don’t do politics Brian, we think they are all as bad as each other and as long as they leave the NHS alone as the man said ‘I don’t give a damn!’  They both laughed.

‘Even so’ went on Brian ‘I reckon the Richard Carson should just about swing it!’  Simon again shook his head.’ ‘Well as I said before I…’

his voice trailed off.  ‘Sorry Brian, who did you say should win?’

‘Richard Carson’ replied Brian.

Simon and Susan could not get rid of their guest fast enough and were soon on the phone to Simons’ dad.  ‘’Dad, have you heard the news?’

‘What about Carson, I was just about to call you, it gets worst it is just been announced that his Deputy will be the Liberal Democrat Jason Hewitt,  Foreign Secretary will be Philip Reeves and Keith Manners his Chancellor.

From the kitchen the only sound was Susan as she whispered ‘Oh My God’.



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