Estate Agents Beware

Madame Connie Pasteur waited patiently until Tom had finished his croissant and coffee and, as if not wishing to prolong the suspense any longer, she got up from the breakfast table and, with a sweep of her slender hand, beckoned the hapless estate agent to follow her.

Book jacket of Ken Wise's thriller Estate Agents BewareWhen estate agent Tom Rendell is summoned to Countess Connie Pasteur’s grand château in France, he naturally assumed that she wanted him to sell her beautiful home. However, after finding himself the object of her amorous attentions, the Countess reveals the real purpose for her invitation. It would be a mission that would lead Tom into some dangerous situations – will his connection with the M15 assist him in thwarting the enemy? Or will he stand to lose someone he holds dear?

A charismatic man, Tom Rendell’s adventures often lead him to passionate encounters with beautiful women, but they can come at a price. Tom will have to use all his skills as a man about town to overcome the sophisticated obstacles in his path. But one thing is for certain, never has an estate agent worked so hard to earn his commission.

First published 5 July 2012

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