A Limey in the Court of Uncle Sam

Book jacket of A Limey in the Court of Uncle SamBombed out of his native Reading during the Second World War, a young  Englishman is plucked from his native land and sent by his parents to the USA, entering a world of which previously he had only dreamed.

His arrival in the United States of America fills him with awe and trepidation, and he soon discovers that his early years have not prepared him for this wide, new world. He has little choice but to make the best of it.

Joining the American Air Force sets him on a path which will have a profound effect on his later life. In the service of Uncle Sam he is sent back to England for overseas duty.

Love interests abound, and what starts out as a blissful ‘chocolate factory’ experience soon develops into heart-wrenching drama. Later he uses this experience to advantage, in the United States Air Force, in the USA, and when he is pitched into the exciting world of night clubs – and in particular into the night life of Amsterdam.

First published 12 Feb 2009


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