A Dream Machine to Die For

I’ll tell you what we can do. I’ll introduce you to an old friend of my father’s. He dabbled in Egyptian hieroglyphics and might just be able to help you. If he thinks this is kosher, I might then be willing to put up the cash you require, for half an interest.

Book jacket of Ken Wise's thriller A Dream Machine to Die ForWhen Philip Courtney leaves Oxford University to begin his quiet life as Lord of Courtney Manor, he doesn’t expect his old roommate John Jefferson to show up with an unusual request…

John and Philip, joined by Philip’s half-brother Ray Barone, begin working together to perfect a newly invented machine that allows people to travel through time back to their past – the Dream Machine. However, the machine turns out to be more than Philip bargains for as the inventor of the machine’s body is soon found in the River Thames. This is the first of many deaths that will haunt the three men as they run from those who want the machine for devious purposes.

As Philip embarks on an adventure of a lifetime, he is forced to wonder whether it really is A Dream Machine to Die For.

Published 1 May 2012

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