“I have read two of Ken’s books and have just started on the third. They are all very different and very entertaining. Although Ken is a new author, he has talent. I like his own kind of easy-going reading style. His books are very enjoyable. Ken certainly has a secure future as an author which he deserves.”

Jean Pearce (via email)

“Having known Ken now for a number of years, it has been delight to read his three published books. A Limey in the Court of Uncle Sam was a beautifullly written and very interesting life story, this was I am sure not the “whole” story, but it is a Very Good Read. Estate Agents Beware is an excellent, well-written book, it certainly got ones attention even though it was a bit saucy at times, but is was Very Hard to Put Down, and this to me makes it a great read. A Dream Machine To Die For is a really good imaginative book, this is my favourite so far, the writing was, as far as murder mystery novels go, a real cracker. Looking forward to the next book.”

Maureen K (via email)

“I enjoyed this romp, which felt like sitting listening to someone’s life story over a pint in the pub, the author’s easy, open style and his company enough to download another of Ken Wise’s books to fill the void left once I’d archived this one on my Kindle. Ken Wise is one of those authors where, when you’ve read one book, you hanker after their next, and are very glad to find out they’ve written some more.” (Click here to read the full review)

Debbie Young  (on her website)

If you’d like to submit your own reviews of any of Ken’s books or short stories, please use this Contact Page. Thank you!


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  1. Carol ⋅

    Ha ha Ken. Lay those ghosts! Cheers ‘Carol’

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